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I have three tanks.
2 Paladins and a Warrior.

I love tanking, but just can't see myself getting back into it (haven't tanked since Cata, and started in early BC) The two Paladins futz around as Ret, and the Warrior, I loathe to respec, since she's still doing BC content.

From these questions and answers,
I think I'll just stick to DPS.

PS I promise I won't pull threat, or drop it if I do.
I learned all about that the hard way. :)
I feel tanking really hasn't changed a bit for DK Tanks during the transition from WoLK to Cata. Except they took out Defensive rating, apart from that i still find no real time to use mastery. I find that i still die pretty quick if i sacrifice my dodge or parry for mastery. So i don't stack on it.
Wow. Could you guys have chosen a bunch of questions that less deserved to be asked?.
This Q&A just proved how many simpletons are actually out there. The good questions that were asked were miles about most peoples heads that were voting on the questions so the good questions got either ignored or downrated while the herp derp my mom fed me poison after dropping me on my head type questions got uprated.

Whether or not the taunt question was the highest rated or not blizz should've used common sense and known that it was a stupid question to ask and answer.
Yikes..bad questions AND bad answers.
Is there any plan to allow Shaman Enh to tank one day ? (like next xpac)

They already have several tools and I'm sure that few talent would fill the gap between what they are now and what a good tank could be.

A bonus could be in the talent specialisation. (like there is dual wielding).
Shield specialisation: Increase your armor by X% while a shield is equipped.

The mastery could also change depending of if we have a shield or not and increase our chance to block...

They already have some devensifs tools needed.
Rockbitter Weapon: Increase your threat generation and taunt
Earth Shock: -10% attack speed. It could be improved via a talent.
Shamanastic Rage: -30% dmg taken every 1min + mana back
Earthen Bind: A minor glyph could instead of rooting ennemies, apply -10% dmg done reduction for 45sec.
Feral Spirit: Could add a glyph (or a stance to the spirit) to make them efensive or defensive.
Some defensive talent could be added.
Improved Lighning Shield: While a shield is active, your lightning shield reduce your chance to be critically hit 8% and have 50% to not be conssumed when dealing damage.

Improved Shock: While you wield a shield, Increase the attacking reduction of your earth shock by 10%, increase the threat generated by your Frost Shock and give your Flame Shock damage over time a chance to proc a maelstrom weapon buff. (To help doing instant cast, such as CL for multi agroo)

Have u ever taled about it during a meeting ?
Would you define "touch" as buffs or nerfs? We all know about a certain person love child, the mage. But, I believe ret pallies and I know rogues would like to have a word with you. While Rets got "touched", it was the wrong way, ie nerfed. And Rogues, they havent been touched in eons.

Note: no doll was harmed in this posting.

Your post is both confusing and creepy. :P
Horribe answers.

Half answers.

Most of the Answers were half answers or non straight answers.

The first answer is horrible.

Go noob warrior tank who can't generate initial aggro go! -.-"
Q: I have problems with X, I have problems with Y. are you planning to improve those?

A: We like the fact that different classes have different tools to do different things, and are good and bad in their own different ways, and they're not all one big lump of homogenized crap, and that there's actually some semblance of challenge in the game. So, tough luck, we're not going to be changing much.

Wise words.
I'm sorry tanks, that these were the questions that were answered. Not seeing answers about QoL for Druids and DKs. much love guys and gals. 6.5 years and this...... well it shocked me I was expecting something worth reading; and yet it is time I will never recover.
Does it say somewhere in the "Ask the Devs" bylaws that we can vote no-confidence please re-do?

Entire systems put in place and changed, incentives added because of tank shortages - and you can't put a decent effort into answering their questions?

This is just another example of how disconnected you've become with your customers. I'm sure you don't care, but I'm very disappointed. Really.

Why did people vote for questions based on faulty premises? 5-tank fights in BC? Taunt misses? Come on.

I know. Times like this make me lose what little faith in humanity I have :\

That question about taunt misses would have been answered even if it was voted down. It's too easy to answer, consuming a question slot.
Among the interesting results of this round of Ask The Devs -

The question about Righteous Defense turned into an investigation of the code around Righteous Defense, and it was found to be bugged.

It was unintended for Righteous Defense to miss, so the bug was tracked down. It is being fixed immediately.

Wow, really? I had thought it stopped missing. Maybe I just get lucky a lot when I use it...though if it somehow doesn't taunt something, I usually follow up with an AS or HoR anyway, so it could be I simply overlook it.

As far as the Q&A...I think the general upset is partly due to some of the questions chosen and partially due to the answers being, shall we say, less than exact?

Now, we all know magicians can never reveal their secrets, but from time to time, it's nice to be told you're planning on pulling a rabbit out of that hat. It's also nice, when we see you've pulled a skunk out instead, if you either acknowledge it's a skunk when pointed out or, alternatively, magically turn it into a rabbit, that being the intent all along. :)

EDIT: Realized I may not have been TOO clear with this example.

My point was, sometimes you don't want to tell us all your plans. That's okay. But it's nice to know you've heard us and hear you say you understand our concerns. It's also nice if, even if you don't tell us what you're planning in every detail, you give us some general direction.

Like if a kid in a car asks "Are we there yet," and you aren't, the correct answer isn't, "Yeah, we're here. Can't you tell?" A better one is, "No, but we'll be there in about an hour. Exit 23 and then two blocks down, on the right." Even if it's exit 27 and on the left, at least we'll think you know what's going on and have a plan to get us there. ^_^ /ENDEDIT


Patch 3.9 (from wowpedia):
"Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): No longer deals damage. Removed miss chance of this effect. (Untested, based of testing on [Growl] and [Dark Command]) "

Interestingly, neither nor actually list this change. I know I read about it somewhere but...

Taunt (Warrior:, has a similar situation:
"Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Removed miss chance of this effect. "

...but, again, isn't listed in wowpedia's patch notes.

While this may be a case of it just not getting transcribed somehow (haven't checked the official Bliz site's patch note history cause...honestly, it's more cumbersome to maneuver. :p), but that seems somewhat unlikely.

So while the 3.9 is a little weird of an answer (such a patch existed? o.O), I guess I can't fault the question since I can't seem to find patch notes actually clearly stating this... o.O
06/08/2011 03:45 PMPosted by Kaivax
This is as good a place as any to be reminded that the devs do not choose the questions answered. We've done nine rounds of these, and used the same method to gather and compile the questions every time.

And you don't do any sort of screening methods to prevent useless questions from being asked? Come on, man...questions about taunts missing in an Ask the Devs thread? That's common knowledge (and I'll bet if I looked on the LA thread someone probably answered that guy's question with a link to the patch notes).

According to your statement that means we can literally ask the devs anything even if it doesn't relate to the actual topic, so long as it gets enough upvotes. So what's the point in even doing these, to make a shallow attempt to make it look like you're interested in community feedback? While answering some of these questions was like hitting a barn with a baseball bat, the other more interesting questions got the most vague, run-around answers that didn't really reveal anything.

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