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why did you blatantly ignore the feral charge portion of the question when answering =(
So, when are you going to stop designing games around the old 90's RPG model... it's really starting to show it's age...

I guess when you can't make money off it anymore?
The problem with this round of "Ask the Dev" is the problem you're going to have any time democracy is involved.

Each idiot is worth 1 vote.
Each Einstein is worth 1 vote.

So the mouth-breathers get on and up-vote questions that should make them have their account banned.
Let's be serious, any stupidity that blatant is most likely contagious.

I'm just shocked the ever present "Herp-Derp Shammy / Rogue tank?" question wasn't max voted.

Although, I have to admit these guys should run for President. 300+ words without a single thing being said.
/target public
/Cast Misdirect

I wish they'd at least given solid answers. Answers the community wouldn't have liked, but answers regardless.

Dev:"No, we have no plans to change DK's blood shield at this time. It's good enough for the average weekend raider as is."
General 8/12 raider "No stress, It does the job"
Hardcore 6/13 raider "Alllll righty then, let me reroll a pally."

Dev: "Warrior threat IS horribad in opening, but if we ramp anything up it will be too powerful after veng has stacked."
General 2/12 raider "If I include a rage potion when I open I can spam HS and hope no-one crits in the first 30 seconds."
Anyone over 11/12 "If I put Tabasco sauce on this bullet, I might actually enjoy it."

Having a strategy of people NOT doing the role they rolled is insane.
Tank: DPS, wait 20 seconds so we can win.
Healer: Tank, wait 20 seconds... it won't change a thing.
DPS: Healer, wait 20 seconds so we can wipe.

I love you. You should write these, you know what the players feel.
Why do I have the feeling the phrase "That was changed in 3.9" will be a new meme meant to address old complaints that were never actually dealt with?

Balthius, "That was changed in 3.9" should become a new meme. :)

I'm gonna start using that now.
The only positive result.

I dunno what you are talking about I got a huge positive from

They [DKs] also have more personal impact on their own survivability and mitigation than any other tank, by tying much of their performance to Death Strike (and especially optimally timing their Death Strikes). So in the hands of a really skilled player, they can do some amazing things, but not usually much better than the other tanks. We’d actually like to head more in that direction with the other tanks (making them tie more of their defensive performance to their ability usage), in the future.

ok Devs quick idea. Before changing all the tanks to the harder to do the same job type tank, why not move a tank, any tank back to the easy to tank setup. You know Pallys in late wrath, or Druids with 1 key swipe for AOE tanking. Just watch what tank the community chooses to use for most fights. Watch as queue times come down with no need for more bribery. Let the community decide what is fun for us and just read our choices instead of pushing us into what YOU think is fun.

This was the worst idea from the entire thread. What they did to healing and tanking have stopped me from healing and tanking outside of my raid. If you make it even more "challenging" I will only be Prot/blood/prot/feral while leveling since out of my 6 85s that was the easiest way to level.
I hope to god that the next legendary is a 1h axe that comes in str and agi flavors
You've got to be kidding me! your intentially letting tanks miss, so they have to ativitly seek hit rating at the cost of mitagation.

really starting to hate this game more and more

Don't hate the game; hate the players who can't read with comprehension.
Their answer was that, as a possibility, they -might- introduce changes/mechanics which require tanks to pick up hit, in which case they would buff mitigation to compensate. Remedial reading courses are available at your local institute of higher learning.
. The problem I have that is making me post is this; why are Warriors complaining about initial threat, and then saying someone should read the patch notes?

I actually think I clarified this more (or why it's really more of a problem in a previous post, maybe somewhere around page 15 or so. It's not so much that warriors need to be given more insta-aggro. It's that Blizzard needs to add back in mechanics so that people know how to play and group with other classes/specs. It seems that a lot of people don't KNOW that when you've got a warrior tank, unless you're a misdirecting hunter.. you don't hit ANYTHING until thunder clap goes off... Or (to show this isn't just about warriors) a pyro mage is seriously gimped if the tank doesn't tank into account their aoe capabilities and tanks directly ontop of CC.... (more detail in my other post)
GRRRRRRRR another missed taunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A player asked if there's plans for a new tanking class, but is there a possibility of hybridizing the Warlock Demonology tree for tanking in a manner not unlike that of Feral Druids? I rather liked the idea of ranged tanking in WotLK's Blood Prince Council encounter, and it would be pretty cool to see something like this become a normal part of the game. I'm sure the prospect of tanking in a permanent demon form would draw a lot of players towards tanking, let alone towards playing as one of the least played classes!

I've seen talk of this in the official warlock forums (and many unofficial forums!) countless times, but I don't think I've ever seen an official opinion on the subject. In earlier patches, some of the abilities we had—like Challenging Howl, Demon Charge, and Shadow Cleave—made it seem like Demonology tanking was something we'd see in the future.

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