Ask The Devs #9 - Tanking (Answers)

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Just figured I'd throw an idea out there, what about a class that uses magic damage to tank, but still uses melee skills/range? Because from what I gathered, the main issue with adding a new class is that it has to be original, otherwise it's just a waste of time. Every tank class so far relies on physical damage (minus the holy damage from paladins, which, even then, is still affected by strength/stamina.)

I was thinking maybe a class that uses a staff for it's main weapon, and the ability to imbue abilities like a shaman, to make it cause AoE on every melee attack, or add a stacking DoT. Or possibly build off the the Blood DK style a bit and add in the vampiric abilities.

I don't know how feasible these kind of things would be, but it seems to me that a class would really bring WoW a huge boost. It feels like all I do now is play the same classes over and over, and their style has changed a bit from WotLK, but not that much.

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