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Q: Can you make it so that taunt doesn't miss, just like you did for interrupt abilities? Doesn't feel as though it would be a complete upset to overall balance. – Madmartygan (LA)

A: Yes, absolutely! And in fact we did it back in patch 3.9. Tank classes’ taunts have been unable to miss since then. We recognize that tanks will nearly always choose mitigation stats over threat stats and it’s particularly frustrating to have to reach a hit cap just to make sure taunts or interrupts don’t miss, which is why we no longer require that.

Blizz, if you continue to do Q&A, can you please answer the questions as though you were talking to the sub-community that the Q&A session is intended for?

Maybe dps didn't know taunt can't miss, but this is a for-tanks Q&A, not a bring-everyone-else-up-to-speed-about-tanking Q&A.

This, eleventybillion times this.
A complete waste of time. I cannot believe I waited all this time to read this kind of crap. Out of all that, there were maybe 1 or 2 questions worth my time. Unbelievable. Wow....just wow. I am absolutely speechless, so glad there were tons of Q' & A's from the states...NOT......I am disappointed beyond belief, extremely abysmal blizzard, I figured on such a hot topic as tanking you would have done a better job at recognizing top rated questions and address them, instead you're wasting your time and ours by answering questions about BC crap, taunts missing and leg enchants.

Between the failed satchel of exotic mysteries and the fail attention of all the tank issues that apparently were not addressed here today, I don't know if I will be tanking much more in the future.
Honestly, I queue more as dps for ZA/ZG due to the fact that I can't stand tanking for morons.

Now that I see that Blizzard only gives a damn about my dps specs, I see that my choice is supported by Blizzard developers.


(Please add this to the bottom of your post if you feel the same way after reading the answers to the Q&A)
Blizzard employee 1: Guys, the tanks are pretty pissed at us now.

Blizzard employee 2: Why? We gave them free stuff!

Blizzard employee 1: Yeah, but we didn't actually fix the gameplay all that much, and they seem upset about it.

Blizzard employee 2: There's nothing to fix, bear heals and prot pally rdps has no complaints! Warrior healing is at an all time high! And blood DKs have the highest HoTs in the game.

Blizzard employee 1: Um... wait what? None of what you said is even remot...

Blizzard employee 2: Oh just make a general post that answers nothing, they aren't THAT pissed.

Blizzard employee 1: But they....

Blizzard employee 2: (Waves hand a la Obi Kenobi) They aren't THAT pissed.

Blizzard employee 1: (Leaves the room, and consults his mental health benefits with the company.)
Q: At the moment, tanks need to use addons to see threat levels and clearly see which mobs they have aggro with. With all the recent changes and updates being made to the UI, are there any plans to make seeing threat levels and aggro easier and clearer? – Castan (EU-EN)

A: We’d definitely like to build threat into the UI more, especially for tanks and for multiple targets. We try to keep our default UI relatively unobtrusive so that players can see the actual battlefield, but we realize this design goal can come into conflict with players’ need or desire to have copious amounts of information displayed. Finding the right compromise is something we wrestle with constantly and one reason why our UI changes tend to come more slowly than, say, class design changes.

One thing you could do is have an option to not display the level of the mobs in the nameplates and instead display their threat percentage.
OMFG MY TAUNT MISS !!!!! Ohhh nevermind just notice I hit judgment by mistake !!!
You might as well have not made the post. That way we could cling to the hope you were doing Blizzard Wizardry to us behind the curtains.

06/08/2011 11:55 AMPosted by Arielle

I'm pretty sure we never had a patch 3.9.

I think they meant 4.0. The expansion pre-release patch.

Even if that's true, you'd think a document they've spent 2 weeks preparing to issue to several million players is something that would warrant at least a cursory proofreading?
So they answered the questions we already knew the answers to and dodged the ones we needed..GG

And why would you even reply to the taunt miss question? We already know that had been implemented...obviously the person who asked that hasn't tanked in a while!
06/08/2011 12:23 PMPosted by Dämmerung
Even if that's true, you'd think a document they've spent 2 weeks preparing to issue to several million players is something that would warrant at least a cursory proofreading?

Oh I'm not disagreeing with you. I think this QA is just as useless as everyone else.
06/08/2011 12:10 PMPosted by Tankypoo
Fear not Devs, some of us noobs that have not spent 500+ hours in game actually appreciate the info no matter how trivial it seems to others.

lold. I enjoy patch notes so much.
06/08/2011 11:31 AMPosted by Dãwn
In all honesty, who up-voted a question about taunts missing?

No one, they just cherry picked easy questions.
So they confirmed another legendary in 4.3? Though it'll be for a smaller crowd? And it's not the tank crowd.

I'm thinking agi 2h. Hmm

A throwing knife... or a wand

Thanks for completely ignoring the fact that Blood Mastery is subpar compared to the other tank Masteries Blizz.

Sure did need that common knowledge info about taunt not missing though, god forbid any actual tank would know that right?
I've been waiting Blizz. You kept me waiting. And waiting. For two weeks, I've waited to see what you were going to do about Blood DK, if anything. I wanted to believe in you Blizzard. I wanted to believe in your Dev team, perhaps if nothing on DK tanking, then at least my fellow tanks in my raids would have their issues addressed. But I did NOT wait to have idiot questions answered that anyone who can READ would know better than to ask. Why do you consistently shatter the hopes, and trust, of your customer base?
What, will the DPS Q&A have burning questions answered such as:
"Why isn't Beast Mastery Hunter or Enhancement Shaman a tank spec?"
"Why can't I DPS in blood spec but unholy presence?"
"Why do hunters only have 100 mana, but some have 110? I stack intellect but it seems to only cap out at 100 :( "
"Why do tanks get everything? I want free stuff too!"
This is the reason why they lost 600k subscribers last quarter, because blizzard never answers anything with a straight forward answer to well thought out questions. Keep it up blizzard maybe next quarter you will lose 1mil more subscribers.
06/08/2011 10:44 AMPosted by Wziayn
tl;dr: You're all wrong. Everything is fine except for a few tweaks. Yes, we know you all *feel* like something is wrong.. but you're wrong. Not us. Can't be us.

Good summary.
wow, i don't think i could have possibly been more disappointed in this. Whiffle ball, cherry picked questions. A bounty of Non-answers that miss-lead more than anything. And they even hijacked their own thread by dropping a hint about a legendary in 4.3. I suppose were were supposed to sit here and geek out about what it might be rather than noticing how little effort went into this.
In all honesty, who up-voted a question about taunts missing?

No one, they just cherry picked easy questions.

Pretty much this. There's no way in hell the taunt question could've been upvoted that high. Even my pessimism wouldn't allow me to believe this.

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