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I like mine..and I've seen a few other guild names that are pretty cool.

I've seen a guild named "Batteries Not Included"
thought that was cute
Molten Core Swimming team
Scholomance Chess Team

those 2 names makes me laugh everytime i see them
I have the best guild name
I have the second best guild name

fixed it for you its a nice one i admit not as good as mine
I like DPS; been a guild for...almost 7 years now. Existed since before WoW and we STILL can't come up with what it means.

Deadly Penguin Squad
Donkey Punch Sue
Doesn't Preview Strategy
Dumb Pretentious Skanks

I could do on and on

I guess if your a parent or have ppl in your guild that are parents it could mean
Diapers Per Second- for infants
and of course, <Knights of Good>

I totally agree
06/08/2011 11:57 AMPosted by Pzâr
I've been told mine suits me.

lol. You should be a belf male.
06/08/2011 11:55 AMPosted by Assurance
I think mine is pretty hot

I have an alt in your guild, and I must say... I did laugh when I read the guild name. :D
and of course, <Knights of Good>

I totally agree

my first server was chrusridge, there was so many guilds with the knights in the name, today i did a random and there was someone from chrusridge, his guild name had knights in it...
<We Wipe On Trash> makes me laugh.
I want to get this guy in a guild named <Philanthropy> but this works for now.
i remember the day Bloodhoof realm opened ..we went on there and made the guild TaurenItUp

i doubt it's still there..we really didn't stay on that realm too long..i still have the char there..i'll have to see if the others left their toons there as well..maybe it is still on there..
edit: ^ Above is actually kind of funny

"Clever" and "Funny" guild named are usually never clever nor funny
I like mine. It perfectly represents the mentality of my friends and I when it comes to raiding.
We're pretty silly and will probably die a lot, but we're still trying!

Before Cata came along and forced me to consolidate all my toons into one guild, I had these guilds for my alts:

<Evil Kittens>
<Maniacal Ferrets>
<Megalomaniacs Anonymous>
<Order of Anarchists>
<Serial Killer Barbie>
<Hands Off I Sue>
<Puppy Petting Platoon>
<Has Candy>
<Bikini Armor Brigade>

It was quite a decision picking only one guild name, but I went with what was clearly the best option.
I love mine, my guild serves no purpose but to have a cool addition to my name, plus Im a geologist!
<Natural Mail Enhancement> All shaman guild
<Fueled By Keystone Light>
<In it for the Perks>
<Smells Like Chloroform>

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