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Are there any plans to create more training opportunities for dps classes so they are better prepared to fulfill their roles in dungeons?
The 1st Tier of raiding was very RDPS oriented, there was little incentive to bring
more than 1-2 MDPS to 10m and 4-5 MDPS to 25 m.
What changes have been made to the classes that will make Raid Leaders want to bring more MDPS to this next Tier of raiding?
Currently Rogues suffer immensely on fights based around target-swapping and add killing, as well as fights that require the Rogue to be on-and-off a target consistently. This is mainly due to long ramp-up and punishing abilities such as Bandit's Guile. Given the abundance of these types of fights in both the current content and the upcoming Firelands raid, and the lack of "tank and spank" encounters in Cataclysm, do the developers have any plans to address this issue?
I'll assume you have read Aldriana's recent blog post concerning the inability of rogues to target switch and burst on demand effectively. Any break in the fight also causes the same problem as our ramp up time is quite long. Are there any plans to change Deadly Poisons, Bandit's Guile, or the cooldown/functionality of Redirect to fix this problem?
The 4.06 hotfix nerfs to Unholy and the recent hotfix to obliterate along with the upcoming nerf to Might of the Frozen Wastes are hard to understand or justify in a PvE context for most DK players. Don't you think it is time to consider using varying coefficients for a wider aray of abilities in order to bring balance to both PvE and PvP (as was done with Colossus Smash)?
What is the design intent behind some classes being much harder to DPS with effectively (e.g. certain warlock specs) while some are very easy to excel at (e.g. hunter)? Do you base your balance decisions on a spec's max potential if played perfectly, or do you take difficulty into account? Do you want some classes to work harder than others to achieve the same result, and if so why?
What do I have to offer a raid team as melee player, that cannot be replicated (often better) by ranged damage dealers? (Examples, a warlock with Curse of Elements is equivalent to an Unholy DK with Ebon Plague; Elemental Shaman with Wind Shear, Mages with Counterspell for interrupts)
Whats the process for involved for deciding how many bows,xbows,"GUNS" for each raid tier? Thinking of "Ranged" damage dealing of course
Are there any plans to reduce-ramp times up and RNG for certain specs? IE shadow orbs can not proc for quite awhile sometimes, hindering our DPS.
Balance druid single target dps is in a weak state. We currently rely on multi-dotting, solar cleaving and dark intent to just stay competitive (2 of which are being nerfed in 4.2 in the name of pvp). With the loss of solar cleaving, we will also be looking at lowered multi-target dps

Are there any plans to apply any pve damage buffs to balance druids?
With elemental shamans AOE their 31 pt talent "EQ" feels out in the twisting neather when it seems all the buffs are asking them to not use EQ in any situation. Is this where you want to go?
Many people have started to complain in my raid groups, saying that the only reason I'm doing high DPS is due to me "clutching on an OP class". Admittedly, Hunters are not very hard to play. Are there any plans to create a gap between the good and the bad hunters, as you did with the good and the bad Ret Paladins?
Most specs benefit greatly from one stat, well from another stat, and mediocre from the third stat (out of mastery, crit and haste). Currently, enhancement benefits greatly from mastery, but poorly from crit and haste; what solutions have you considered (aside from the previously mentioned possibility of 200% crits) to make these stats more attractive to enhancement shamans, especially since the spec has such a high requirement for hit rating and expertise rating, making it harder to reforge into more mastery?
From numerous feedback posts, it is apparent that neither Enhancement nor Elemental likes their AoE style, and even when performed perfectly, the damage is lackluster and, for Enhancement, facilitates the usage of a spellpower weapon.

What do the developers find so interesting about the current state of Shaman AoE? Can we expect this style of numerous spells and high difficulty to become the norm in AoE for everyone?
In the current tier of raiding DPS has very little responsibility, especially now that interrupts have become the tank's job as well. Are there any plans to make DPS-tank fights (a la Gruul's Lair) or anything else that might let us damage dealers take some of the stress off the tanks/healers going forward?
Any plans for mastery for certain dps specs where it is fairly undesirable?
Some classes require a lot of ramp time to deal decent dps. any plans of fixing this, so those classes can actually deal decent damage on trash mobs?

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