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Elemental is steadily running into scaling issues that are similar to the plight that enhancement is currently in, and we have the same aoe system that requires extreme ramp up time as well as large amounts of dot based micro-management. These issues have been raised by multiple others so my question is a little different.

What are your plans for earthquake?

In 4.0.6 you introduced this spell to the elemental toolbox, much to the ecstasy of the shaman that had called for some form of a channeled aoe to bring us in line with other caster specs. While it didn't hit as hard as other channeled aoe spells it had a neat graphic and was fun to play with. Now fast forward into cataclysm. Earthquake has a hefty mana cost as well as hitting for less than a wet noodle, couple that with the lack of aoe fights, and with the fact that when there is, there are large amounts of movement involved or the mobs keel over in the 2 seconds it took me to cast it.

Do you have any intention to address the extreme weakness of this spell? If not, could you at least create a glyph that makes it become a pancwake again? If the only time I'm going to use my 31 point talent spell is when I'm bored sitting around in orgrimmar, I'd like for it to be at least amusing to look at.

*edited to solve spelling errors due to typing this out on my phone
With the Launch of Cata, it was stated that PvP will not be a burst event like WoTLK once was. However, players are now dieing quicker than WoTLK in Cata gear. This is exactly the opposite of what you have stated in previous posts How are you going to allow sustained damage teams to be successful against teams like the Warrior/DK teams that are simply a 5 second burst fest with your current experimentation of patches?
Why are Glancing Blows still in the game? They penalize melee and only melee, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about them, no way to work around them or minimize them. Is there any design reason to keep them in play?
The Tier Token combining Rogue/Druid/Death Knight/Mage is especially frustrating design. One of the ideal raid comps that covers all buffs has 5 classes competing over these tokens.... Feral Druid / Resto Druid (Balance Off-Spec) / Frost Death Knight (Blood Off-Spec) / Mage / Rogue. As you noticed, 5 DPS classes all want these tokens along with 1 Healer and 2 tank classes.

Is there any intention to combine the tokens as to not punish four of the classes arbitrarily?
What is wrong with Drain Life that you saw it fit to nerf by 25%? Are drain type mechanics that the Warlock is/was built around not a good mechanic anymore? Why not just name the Warlock a Mage, version .75?
Blizzard, I just want to say I am an avid fan of your game, and I think it is an art-craft the way you have tuned classes to be competitive with each other across the board in such a massive context!

My question: With how reliant PvE Affliction is on soulswap to maintain competitive numbers with other ranged dps, and taking into consideration the recent nerf toward the cooldown on the soulswap glyph and the lackluster single target damage affliction is currently able to put out, will you be compensating single target affliction damage in order to bring this spec in line with other ranged DPS classes?

Are there any plans to compensate spell casters in PvP for the million interrupts that are currently present? Every class has seemingly two easy interrupts followed by a cool down interupt (4 if they are a Blood Elf). Is this seen as an issue at all?
What types of fights do you balance PvE DPS off of? It seems that Mages are currently #1 on DPS of all the fights, so it doesn't seem to be a balance of different fights and may be biased towards two target fights.
I know the thread has been swamped with Enhancement and Shamans specific posts, many of them repeats about the same basic issues that we all would like to see addressed and fixed. Our community as a whole has spent countless hours tirelessly theory-crafting, debating and refining our wants and desires while tempering our expectations. Sometimes the debates get a little heated, and sometimes everything simply seems to 'click' and the whole community rallies behind one united flag with unwavering support. And I must admit, even I am shocked at the amazing outpouring of support our questions seem to garner and am infinitely encouraged by the passion of our community. So in light of the tidal wave of questions our community has generated for you, I have to ask: Do you hear us loud and clear?
Are there any plans to make caster weapons usable in both hands? This would greatly improve enhancement's DPS since 90% of their damage is spell based anyway, otherwise they seem to be up a creek.
With the introduction of the cast while moving Shaman, are there any plans to give this feature to any other classes (not the mage for God's sake)?
Currently, Unholy is on the lower end of the DPS spectrum when it comes to raiding. While the hotfixes that happened just after 4.0.6 were pretty big hits to the spec, they are being reverted slowly. One thing that remains a problem with Unholy is the fact that crit is a very unnatractive stat. The root cause of this seems to be that the ghoul isn't scaling with the master's crit chance. As far as I know, this problem extends to the gargoyle as well. I feel it would be a good way to balance the stat weights between haste, mastery, and crit for Unholy, and would provide us with a DPS and a scaling boost.

Basically, my question is this: Are there any plans to make the Unholy ghoul and gargoyle scale with our crit chance, and if it is intended that they aren't supposed to, what is the reasoning behind it?
Rogues currently bring lackluster DPS, and very limited raid utility to the table. There are plans to raise rogue DPS, but can we expect to be toping charts as we did in previous expansions in the next tier or two?

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