Ask The Devs #10 - Damage Dealing (Questions)

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In Wrath, enhancement's number one priority ability was Feral Spirit because it was a powerful damage cooldown. What scaling issues do you feel have caused this damage cooldown to go from highest priority to lowest priority?
Anyway: Will there be any changes to pve rotations to make them less mind-numing and more interactive? like setuping spells and such. Like how Feral and Destro Locks use to be? As of right now I feel most classes are boring in the pve dps department.
With Windfury being increased to 3 attacks in the last couple of patches, and Flametongue nerfed, Enhancement is once again back to Agility weapons. However, certain mechanics - most notably AoE - again favor Enhancement using a Spellpower weapon.

Is anything ever going to be done to decisively end Enhancement's usage of Spellpower weapons?
Would you consider giving enhancement a melee-based cleave attack that will remove the reliance on spellpower weapons and complex mouseover macros for maximum damage in AOE situations?
Mastery was said to be the optimal balancing tool for all specs of dps. Why is it the last thing to be tweaked compared to abilities?
Are there any plans to implement changes for Enhancement Shaman and scaling with gear?
Whenever an Agility sword is place on the loot table, it closes off an option for Enhancement Shaman. Yet items that would create similar disparities between specs - Strength polearms (Fury), 2h Agility maces (Hunter), 1h Strength fists (DK) - are never created.

What is the developers' stance when it comes to itemizing niche weapons, particularly 1h Agility swords?
Why should any serious raid team in either 10 or 25 man formats consider bringing any DPS shaman over any other class, who all bring either better AoE damage, single target damage or superior forms of buffs, frequently 2 or 3 of those.
Will we ever see an in-game damage and healing meter to replace Recount?
Elemental and Enhance depend heavily on our Fire Totems, even moreso for Elemental in 4.2 due to the 2pc T12 bonus. However, the totems are known to be finicky and unreliable - often ignoring your debuffs to attack something across the room, switching targets seemingly randomly (such as to mind-controlled allies), or simply never attacking at all.

The new "assist" pet stance added in 4.2 would work very well with Fire Totems - is there any reason why totems were specifically excluded from that functionality?
Considering Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem's low damage absorption, do you foresee any changes in the defensive mechanics (excluding Seasoned Winds, two points that are widely regarded as worthless if you spend them) of Enhancement Shamans to increase their survivability in Arena, BGs and RBGs?
Warriors can generate silly amounts of threat very quickly, even if they are trying to be very careful, letting the tank build up threat, etc. I would not want to see a threat drop because i don't think threat drops fit with warriors (what warrior would want to be less threatening? honestly?) but have you thought of any other threat solutions for dps warriors?

same goes with DKs, frost in particular, who often seem to have sudden threat issues even if they are playing it safe, auto attacking for a while, letting the tank get a threat lead and so on.

Is there any plans for these 2 classes who seem to have threat issues? Hopefully not a threat drop... though, something more elegant. More fitting with our classes.
Enhancement Shaman are not doing so well in PvP or PvE, according to the data sources available to the player base, and thus far Patch 4.2 has contained no Enhancement-specific changes.

Are the developers currently happy with Enhancement's place? Furthermore, are they happy with Enhancement's functionality as a completely cooldown-based spec instead of a resource-based spec; do they feel this style of play works?
What are your plans for hunters mastery? Survival's mastery originally looked good on paper, but it's one of our worst stats.
Right now, the role of damage dealing in PvP is extremely bursty. to fix the amount of burst from damage dealing classes, will the damage be more evened out with the amount of damage and the size of the health bars? like a constant decrease in health as opposed to up down up down up down.
Do you still feel that warlock single target damage is fine across all 3 specs considering the 12% damage reduction to most of the main offensive spells that happened shortly before launch of Cataclysm? I say this because I'm about as well geared as the rest of the ranged dps in my raiding group, and I feel like I'm having to work about 1.5 times as hard to get the same numbers, unless it's a fight with a primary target and a secondary target, which destruction and affliction can both be competitive.

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