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Are there any plans to make Retribution a more stable DPS class? Currently we live or die by our procs and while usually over the course of an encounter the DPS evens out there are many times where you are stuck staring at your screen waiting for CS to come up.

There are also times when everything lights up and screams at you and you become overwhelmed and burst for insane numbers.

Many Paladins agree that this is not a fun play style and is often frustrating. Haste is one of the few ways to have a chance of smoothing out our rotation but it is valued so low that we have no reason to stack it as it ends up in a DPS loss.

Basically less RNG and more reliability please.
Are you happy with 90%+ of arcane mages' damage coming from a single spell?
I have been watching the Damage Dealing forums and there have been alot of posts about the Enhancement "plight" as some say. Have there been any ideas to increase their damage and or meaningful burst?
Do you think nerfing Starsurge's damage was the correct way to adjust Balance druid's dps on the move in pvp? What about the larger issue of getting to Eclipse in the first place with all of the interrupts and stuns available in order for us to deal decent damage in pvp?
Currently Windfury weapon has a massive AP bonus. This benefits enhancement early in a tier, but as gear scales up, the bonus becomes less and less significant. Would you consider removing or reducing the large AP bonus and letting WF hits scale better with weapon damage?
Given features like Dual Spec, the LFD Tool, and Call to Arms, coupled with the removal of the "hybrid tax" for DPS making hybrid class DPS competitive... aren't pure DPS classes outdated design? Wouldn't players rather have a healing / tank tree than three DPS trees when one is always clearly superior (until a patch shuffles them around)?
Because the damage portion of Entangling Roots is being removed, how will you change it for use during Tree of Life?
Has there been any thought of implementing changes to destruction warlocks similar to those that we have currently seen on the 4.2 PTR such as addressing the dispelling of important debuffs, being able to put out damage on the go, and valuable buffs becoming undispellable? (namely lightning shield vs. Dark Intent since both are required to put out max potential damage)
Also, a second question: Can balance druids have back our old Eclipse system? Pretty please? I miss crit-chaining things into oblivion. Big numbers are fun, and while it was (admittedly) really complex, it was one of the most fun specs in the game for anyone with the patience to learn it. You were talking about making crit more attractive to casters, I think that would be the best way. But that's just me.
A lesser concern but I'm still curious about it nonetheless:

Shaman elementals have, for the most part, been fairly useless. The Earth elemental, if I recall correctly was originally dubbed our 'Oh Crap!' button. For a defensive ability on a 10 minute cooldown it serves little purpose but a momentary distraction (maybe less than a second in some cases, and strictly PvE) and temporarily clogs up an Earth totem slot.

The Fire elemental, on the other hand, is slightly better. Elemental makes use of it, however its at the cost of unwieldy AI mechanics. One can never really tell where the thing is headed and if it will actually reach its destination before it leashes back to the totem only to reacquire the wrong target. Enhancement can't even make use of it due to the mandatory nature of Searing Flames stacks tied to Searing Totem.

So I ask, are there any plans to make Elemental totems more useful to all specs given they are a baseline 10 minute cooldown?
Do you feel Subtlety's PVE rotation is where it should be or do you foresee further changes?

I'm not a huge fan of juggling 3 buff/debuff bars, even if one of them gets refreshed via a talent.
Are there any expansion plans for the in-game blizzard power auras or other feedback mechanism related to optimum times to use DPS abilities (Trinket proc + Weapons proc)?

The entire mage section of the PTR is no more than a paragraph of necessary fixes and nerfs, do you plan on changing anything for mages in 4.2? Anything to add for Frost PvE?
im actually doing ok in pvp. but..we seriously need some sort of spell defense like deterrence to prevent from getting cc our ass that possible?
My question is kinda just about hit cap for pures.. I can't really put it into one question but it is the same issue.
Will itemization for future tiers of content continue to heavily favor SP when trying to achive things like hit cap?

Will there continue to be no reason for SP not to roll on spirit as well as hit gear while Mages and Locks can only use hit?

Will hit caps remain unreachable with bis gear?
What are you doing to minimise burst in pvp? You said cata was the end of burst and the start of longer fights. However, dying to 2 melee while being silenced/stunned for the whole duration (8+ seconds) classifies as burst in my book.

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