Ask The Devs #10 - Damage Dealing (Questions)

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When ever I pop all of my CD's at the very start of the pull, I tend to pull mobs off the tank and die. Could you find a way to not make me pull threat?
focus regeneration is another problem i guess you wanted to solve with aspect of the one uses it...the loss of attack power are simply too big! do we see a mix between fox and hawk in the future?
Will damage dealers ever have accountability in a five man setting? Such as failing an interrupt produces one-shot damage, or standing in fire reduces the players dps not their health.
What are the chances we could see other specs able to fill the DPS role? Maybe like Disc Priests?
Enhancement lacks damage and burst mechanics for PVP. Is there anything being done, or going to be done, to make enhance an attractive damage dealer for arena and rated battlegrounds? For all the tools they supply right now, they're still not an attractive choice.
What is the philosophy behind the Spec specific abilities in the talent tree summaries? The majority of the specs use that ability in every fight, but some abilities (Intimidation and Felguard) are used rarely, if at all.
Hybrids are much less attractive than pure damage dealers in PVP. In the recent patches, 'pures' have been buffed while hybrids have been nerfed down. While the changes are small, hybrid specs are much less represented and viable in an arena and battleground setting. Is this something that is being looked into?
Dear Devs,

Could you provide the Frost/Unholy DK community some insight regarding your feelings on our survivability in PvP, and perhaps help us better understand your reasoning behind some of the proposed damage nerfs for 4.2?
Any plans to add a form of aggro-dump for classes that have none?
Now Feral druid's are pretty low on DPS inside of raid's. When I look at the DPS From average 25H fight's they stick at around 15th-13th on the DPS chart's. I nodice some fight are not very nice to us since we have alot of thing's to keep up bleed's and buff's in our rotation, also we have to get behind our target to use shred. I know shred is fun and it is a good idea to get behind the target most times, but alot of times we cannot get behind are target do to the way the fight goes and this lower's our DPS. Would there be anyway to consider maybe removing the fact we have to behind our target to shred ?
Certain classes, for whatever reason, are still scoring incredibly low on parses such as raidbots, WoL, and personal parses. These seem to include shamans, frost mages, unholy dks, and Sub rogues. The community has proved time and time again that despite how the rotation/theme of the spec might be, they will play it if it is competitive or very supportive of the raid (I.E. Arcane mages pre-4.1 into 4.1). Do you plan on changing these specializations in benevolent ways?
The community often points to sites like to show which specs are lagging behind on dps and which are ahead. Do you put much stock in these sites, and if not, then what is your reasoning for doing so? Because if such sites are even remotely accurate, then there are definitely some balance issues among dps specs.
Do you plan on adding any good soul burns for affliction?
What do you think about alternative resource (Enrage, Soul Shard, Eclipse) and do you have any plan to improve some of them?

Edit: I made my question more clear.
Are you happy with Warlock single target damage? Most of us seem to work twice as hard for about 20 percent less DPS then most other classes. Is this as intended, and if not, what are your plans concerning single target Warlock dps.
Will passive damage and scaling be addressed any time soon? Some classes and specs end up having a lot of their damage coming from auto-attacks+buffs/imbues, with Rogues and Enhancement Shamans as the main offenders, I think. Also, some classes suffer when their abilities have hardcoded damage with little to no scaling. As tiers keep progressing, their damage remains basically unchanged.

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