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I understand that you are okay with some stats being more appealing than others, but currently enhancement shamans get almost nothing out of haste. After seeing the changes to warrior and rogue rage/energy regeneration rates based off haste, are there any plans to do something similar for enhancement shamans? Such as allowing haste to reduce some of their CDs or something similar?
Enhancement seems to be lacking in the damage area, especially a lack of burst in a pvp environment. Are there any plans to make the enhancement feral spirit a permanent pet like frost mages to help in bringing their overall damage up and to give them more utility?
Is there any plans to make Survival and Enhancement specs scale with weapon damage better.
Dear Devs,

Do you have any plans to go back and review/balance the damage dealing capacities of some classes before 85?

While one class may seem balanced at 85, it's some sort of demi-god before that level.
With the removal of bloodlust/heroism in arenas, the massive nerf to purge, the removal of cleansing totem and the _HORRIBLE_ scaling of feral spirits, Enhancement has had the tools that made us marginally successful in PvP gutted with no compensation. We are still plagued by absorptions and poor CC as well. Are there plans to make Enhancement viable, desirable and competitive in arenas and RBGs???
What are your current thoughts on the way Haste effects resource generation for melee dps?

Crusader Strike's Holy Power generation for Ret through Sanctity of Battle? Rage generation for Warriors? And so on.

As a Paladin, I'm especially curious about how you Developers feel about Sanctity of Battle, since its a much-maligned talent among the Ret Paladin community.
Are there any plans to reduce some of the absurdly high damage in the lower level brackets? (1-70)

My question is regarding Melee DPS viability in raids compared to Range DPS viability in raids. In current content, while it is possible to bring 1 or 2 melee to the raid, there are absolutely no fights in T11 that "favors" melee or its ok to bring all melee dps while all fights in T11 can be done with all range DPS. Bringing any more melee (say 3 in a 10 man raid) severly hampers progression as there are mechanics in the fight that severly hampers melee dps which in effect reduces the overall effectiveness of the raid.

With the availability of casting spells on the move, range dps can easily bridge the gap even on moving fights. Seeing current content in PTR, this situation has not changed and the end boss even has a facing requirement which seriously impacts 2 melee DPS (rogue and feral). Is melee DPS dead? Is there going to be changed in the future content where its ok to bring melee heavy comps to the raid?
Like mentioned many times above, rogues are having a very hard time with target switching. Why not make combo points like a paladin's holy power?
Are you looking into the issue of low single target damage for Demo Warlocks?

Currently Warlocks are a hot-mess.. the class balance is a disaster.

Can you please just separate PvP and PvE spell damage and effects?

(oh yeah.. and hellfire self-damage should be eliminated)
There may not be many players that play enhancement shamans, but those that do enjoy it very much. Have there been any plans to increase its scaling with feral spirit and make it more competitive with other melee class?
Are there any plans to make retribution paladins a little less bursty and a little more consistent (we only do damage when we blow our CD's). Also what is the current situation with the sanctity of the blade talent and haste overall for Ret paladins. Any plans to change this talent and how haste works with Ret?
Could you explain the design goals behind the 4.2 balance druid changes? Is it just to prevent the "solar cleave" rotation? And if so, will there be any compensation to bring up our single target DPS in exchange for the decrease in AE DPS?

Also, with the currently proposed changes, what's to prevent moonkins from not taking the lunar showers talent, and instead putting those points, say, in dreamstate (to make up for the increased mana cost, since you've already guaranteed we won't be giving away our innervates)?
When you announced cata (or somewhere along the lines between then and release) you stated that you wanted to remove cleave from melee (or make it less prominent), as it made balancing difficult. Now we seem to have the same issue, but with ranged DPS, caster DPS in particular.

Do you have any plans to tone down caster DPS multi-doting ability's or give melee more cleave options?

This is even more prominent with most DPS classes seemingly being balanced extremely well, if you ignore the few low specs (sub rogues, frost mages come to mind), but a few specimens reign supreme on top (aff warlocks, shadow priests, balance druids all come to mind) presumable because of multi-doting.
Will there be any changes to Enhancement shamans before the next major patch to increase their overall damage and consistency. Many people feel that Enhancement shamans are not very competitive with other melee class and in PvP environments spend much of their needed maelstrom weapon procs on heals, hexing, and then kite rather then focusing on putting out pressure. Have there been any ideas to increase their damage or giving them a better ramp up for a burst?
Due to the nature of "Pure" DPS classes, we don't bring much to the table. In fact, our choices are "Do as much damage as possible" or "Get replaced by somebody with more utility" in a perfect situation (Warlocks, less so because they now bring a battle-ress)

So, I wonder, are there any plans to repair what is turning out to be a "pure tax"? We have to wait in longer queues and have no choice, we can't do anything unique anymore, we aren't very important to the success of a raid, and aside from flavor-of-the-month specs, (Rogues and Warlocks at the least) have very low class representation in PVE and (less so for Rogues) in PVP. My ultimate question here is: has Blizzard ever considered the hybridization of all "Pure" classes a la Combat Tanking, Demonology Healing, etcetera?

Hybrids used to be jacks-of-all-trades, masters of none whereas pures dominated. As of now, Hybrids are masters-of-all trades, pures are masters of one.

Very this! Though I'd prefer just making pures' DPS better than hybrid DPS (as it should be). It depresses me to see practically every hybrid class beating Demonology in at least one spec in DPS.
And SPriests often beating all Warlock specs in DPS.

My question:
Do you ever plan on making the Felguard usable for more than large AoE instances, and the few seconds it takes to cast Demon Soul?
ie. Will the Felguard actually ever be a good idea for use as the Demonology Warlock's primary pet? He is supposed to be one of the spec's main features, and is only better DPS than the Imp and...Voidwalker.
This could be one way of making Demonology actually comparable to Affliction and Destruction.

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