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With the lack of buffs to enhancement (which are seriously needed) it seems, in 4.2, is there any possible changes that might be coming our way later and do you see the issue's or are you just ignoring the hundreds of enhancement posts every day?
BM PvP Damage Dealing outside BW is kinda low and needs a little change.
Since Resistance is Futile would be more adequate in the BM tree changing this talent to the BM tree and give it a little redesign could make BM more versatile. Do you think this change could be reasonable?
Are there any plans to move rogues away from auto attack damage?

Each rogue spec gets about 2/3 of its damage from passive sources which many rogues don't find to be fun or rewarding. Enhance falls into this category as well.
Will you ever consider adding a fourth talent tree to every class?

I believe the number of classes is ok, but adding a fourth talent tree will help declutering - Feral druid? - some classes, as well as present an opportunity to add options - Non-pet bow user rogue? - to some, as well as adding flexibility to others - tanking warlocks and shamans? - and giving you a chance to make things like Spell Plate something more than one spec wants - ranged pallies and DKs?

Also, everybody wants and fear the nefarious possibility of warrior healers.
Enhancement shamans are struggling in burst and overall damage. Seasoned winds was a step in a pvp direction for enhancement shamans, but many shamans do not use any extra talent points to go into that talent. Are there any ideas about also allowing that talent to improve their damage output, so that some PvP enhance shamans may invest in the talent?
06/09/2011 11:11 AMPosted by Reeven
Shadow Priests lack active utility in raids. I can sum up our contribution to fight mechanics with "move out of stuff, pew pew, provide passive buffs". This takes nothing away from our desirability in itself, but as a player it makes me find my contribution boring. I would like more reactive duties beside only offensive dispels. Maybe Mind Sooth removing enrages? Maybe Silence made desirable as a PvE talent by becoming a more normalized interrupt? Maybe more raid trash humanoids being made susceptible to Mind Control like the entry mobs of BoT used to be?
06/08/2011 01:51 PMPosted by Mevrid
Do you plan on adding any good soul burns for affliction?

...Implying there are good soul burns for Demonology and Destruction?

Edit: Hmm, may as well make a question out of this:
Will I ever feel compelled to use soul shards for anything other than creating healthstones, insta-summoning demons, and insta-soul fire if i feel like spicing things up?
As things are, soul shards are extremely lack luster for a major class feature that is only available 3 times per fight.

Edit2: Seems I confused people. I didn't mean Healthstones require burning a soul shard in the creation process, but that I burn a shard every time I create one to improve it.
RNG modified for ret paladins instead of removed, yes our dps was buffed but the fluidity of our dps was severly damaged and became alltogether clunky and mostly stressfull as compared to other melee dps classes.

Most paladins have called this newer FCFS priority less fun as it is a hassle to do maximum damage as RNG procs can come lillery milliseconds before or after selecting our next spell or the eaxct oppisite and have nothing come and have to wait for CS or another abbility to come off a cooldown.

also while it is wise to watch your threat there have been many oppourunities where rets have had all thier major CD's active all at once providing insane amounts of burst and threat. specifficaly within 12 seconds of pulling a boss

Are there any plans in the future to change ret so that it is more fluid and less dependant on RNG procs for sustained dps?
With the upcoming nerf to soul swap(again) will you be buffing lock's single target dot damage to compensate?
Due to the nature of "Pure" DPS classes, we don't bring much to the table. In fact, our choices are "Do as much damage as possible" or "Get replaced by somebody with more utility" in a perfect situation (Warlocks, less so because they now bring a battle-ress)

So, I wonder, are there any plans to repair what is turning out to be a "pure tax"? We have to wait in longer queues and have no choice, we can't do anything unique anymore, we aren't very important to the success of a raid, and aside from flavor-of-the-month specs, (Rogues and Warlocks at the least) have very low class representation in PVE and (less so for Rogues) in PVP. My ultimate question here is: has Blizzard ever considered the hybridization of all "Pure" classes a la Combat Tanking, Demonology Healing, etcetera?

Hybrids used to be jacks-of-all-trades, masters of none whereas pures dominated. As of now, Hybrids are masters-of-all trades, pures are masters of one.

I'm going to respond to this question with another question.

Are you planning to explain to the pure DPS that hybrid DPS players need to be able to bring good DPS, otherwise they won't be able to get a raid spot?
Are you at least planning to make their non-DPS utility more obvious, so they can stop worrying about hybrids?
Is there any plans to improve the horribly dated totem mechanic?

I know shamans do provide quite a large number of buffs compared to other classes, but there are so many clunky annoyances with totems that I simply don't understand how there hasn't been any effort to make it a little bit more efficient.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of a single other class that has to refresh buffs in combat besides Warriors and Death Knights, both of which gain some benefit from doing so. Most current boss fights last over 5 minutes so shamans have to refresh their totems. We lose a GCD which can be a loss of 40k+ damage for Ele/Enh and its means losing a heal and also consuming precious mana for Resto (Who also have to refresh Mana Spring/Wrath of Air if they actually want to use a helpful cooldown). Its not THAT significant, but it is rather significant when you realize there's absolutely no logical reason for this to happen... and to only one class!
As a class that scales very well with gear, warriors had a troublesome time with their DPS while gearing up, a thing most of the other classes didn't. Now that the content is clear and our DPS starts to shine, some balances are made to bring us down again. What's up with warrior's DPS and balances?
Can hunters ever expect to have our base focus regeneration buffed, or have the haste scaling on focus regen increased? There are situations where we can't cast Cobra Shot or Steady shot, and being unable to do so guts our damage and focus regeneration, since our passive focus regeneration is horrible.
With a proposed nerf to soul swap I would just like to know what is the intended purpose of soul swap and why does it require a glyph to actually appear useful on live?

Have there been any ideas to make Seasoned Winds more attractive, possibly also allowing that talent to increase spell or melee damage or expertise/hit or something like that, as it is now most people won't invest the points into it.

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