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Also on the note of hunters, right now we have to use a casted shot to regen focus. What happened to making hunters feel less like casters? I feel more like a mage now then I did when I had mana.
As a hunter, I am more often than not responsible for kiting/killing adds, specifically Anshal's flowers, Chog'all's bloods, Magmaw's lava worms. Multishot in both Marks and Survival are indisputably helpful in taking down adds. With that said...

Are there any plans for a Patchwerk/Festergut style fight, or a fight where it is advantageous for melee to handle adds rather than ranged?
The current AoE implementation for Shamans is rife with issues for Enhancement. It requires us to multi-dot. In order to do this effectively, we have to utilize a mouseover macro. If you've ever tried to do this while moving with your mouse, you'd know it's very difficult. Additionally, the dot has both a cooldown and a facing requirement, making it extremely frustrating to use on any encounter where movement is involved.

The Call of Flame change was supposed to address this, however, all it does is make multi-dotting more prevalent, because you will want to continue to dot targets until everything has a FS on it. The change has done nothing to address the issues with the spell: the basic functionality.

In addition to multi-dotting, the AoE itself has very mediocre output and very long ramp-up compared with other classes; it requires swapping to a caster weapon for optimal output, and has, by far, the most involved rotation. This is still the case after the buff. What are your plans to fix AoE for Enhancement? Why are you opposed to implementing a melee-based AoE attack for the spec?
Combat rogues are really the only melee spec that agility-based swords are useful for, yet we see them quite often when an axe would serve multiple specs just as well. Are there any non-lore reasons to keep enhancement shamans from being able to use swords, or alternatively, is there any reason that one-handed agility swords can't just be made axes or maces in the future??
Second question: Are you ever going to fix ignite munching?
Balance Druid question:
Why must the first Starsurge always move the Eclipse bar to the Lunar Eclipse end of the spectrum when starting fresh from 0 Solar/Lunar energy?

If your first spell when starting at 0 energy is Wrath, it will move to the Solar Eclipse, but if your first spell is Starfire or Starsurge, it moves to Lunar Eclipse. This means in PvP, if I want to actually be able to get to an eclipse state before I'm stunned/inturrupted to death, I have to start out casting Wrath instead of the more effective Starsurge. Considering the instant Starsurge procs generated by the Shooting Stars talent, it means we have to chose between either 1) passing up a free-to-cast Starsurge, or 2) probably not reaching an Eclipse state before our next death, as Starfire/Starsurge has more opportunities to be inturrupted than Wrath/Starfire does. (Starfire has a longer casting time than Wrath.)
Is it still the intent to make all specs viable in both raids and pvp? I see several suggestions about how to increase raid dps without effecting pvp ability of current pvp only specs but have seen nothing done.
I love enhancement spec and even elemental was good fun when I tried it. Are there any plans to not pigeon-hole shaman into one spec to be viable at higher ratings in arena/RBG?
There was previously talk of a defensive cooldown for Elemental. While the mobility changes in 4.2 are welcome, lack of defense is still a great concern for Elemental. Is that change that was hinted at still on the table?
Are there any plans to change the hunter tier 12 4-set bonus if our damage with it is lagging behind other classes' with 4-set bonus damage?
with the recent changes to moonkins such as starsurge and the (poor decision to) redesign to lunar shower, moonkind dps is going to fall drastically.

what will be implemented to compensate for this?
From the Enhance Shaman Community:

Every damage dealing spec in the game has either a damage increasing cooldown (in some cases, more than one), an execute-type mechanic, or both. Enhancement Shamans currently have Feral spirits which, while a very useful utility cooldown, do slightly more damage than a good Lava Lash over their entire duration. This is a very weak excuse for a DPS cooldown. Further, on any fight that gives players a self buff (like Heroic Nefarian, for example), the wolves gain zero benefit.

The Enhancement Shaman community would like to know if there are any plans to do any of the following: Increase Feral Spirit damage and scaling (making them scale from Agility would be great); Give Enhance a personal DPS cooldown un-linked from Feral Spirits; Give Enhance some sort of Execute Mechanic.

If none of these are in the works, what are you planning in terms of improving enhance dps viability in pve and pvp?
Rogue's currently suffer immensely from having to switch targets or kill adds because of assassination's huge ramp-up time, combat's bandit's guile, and Redirect being on a much too long of a CD. Will this issue be addressed at some point for rogues?

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