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Some Specs seem to be lagging behind severely when it comes to DPS. Elemental Shaman in particular have it rough as over a fifth of their damage comes from Fire Elemental which is on a ten minute cooldown, and can easily be killed by a boss. That and it's AI is stupid. (So is Fire Totem's AI) Is there any plan to shift Elemental's damage production off of a temporary pet on a super long cool down to a permanent pet, or at least their normal every day spells?
Heals are my main on this toon but occasionally I do dps as Shadow. My question is about the hit cap for spell casters. Why does the Blizzard believe its compelling or fun game play to require casters to reach a whoompin 17% Hit for our spells not to miss? Why not just make the cap 8% across the board for everyone and not have to spend so much effort on such an uninteresting stat? Thanks for reading.
Without giving away the game or patent, can you tell us what methods you use to analyze comparative class performance, and what — if any — general principles guide your decisions to make changes?
What are your plans to fix enhance shaman dps mechanics against Absorbs and similar abilities? If there are no plans, why do you feel such a simple mechanic should be allowed to shut down an entire spec's ability to dps, heal, viably cc, and deliver even a little bit of burst?
With many specs having pets, warlock pets seem to lack that "cool" factor that hunters, a pet class, have. Do you have any plans to up the "cool/fun" factor of warlock pets? (Taming demons, customization etc)
There has been a lot of forum activity recently lately in regards to the shaman class. Restoration got some love and they're enjoying exceptional arena representation and a very prominent role in a raiding environment due to their effective AoE healing and cooldowns. Elemental is being worked on, it seems, and Enhancers feels as though they've been left by the wayside. Is the enhancement spec still on the back burner, or is there something in the works for the upcoming patch?
Any chance of tagging the shadow priest shadowy apparition so that they are correctly credit to the casting priest in the future?
Will there be any additional balancing done on self healing capability for dps classes/specs? Currently hunters have some of the weakest self healing combined with very few options for damage reduction that isn't highly situational (deterrence only works on a few mechanics, and glyphed raptor strike requires a melee target nearby).

Having up to 0.5% of our max health restored per second with chimera shot seems pretty weak compared to the self heals and damage reduction/immunity cooldowns that other pure dps classes have, not even considering what hybrids have access to. Once we're no longer able to kite something, the buttons to push for survival (not referring to the spec directly, though you'd think a spec called 'survival' would have some damage reduction talents) are few and far between.

It's somewhat of a univeral issue, but probably pertains to pvp more than anything.
Glyph of Stoneclaw totem is a great tool in both PvE and PvP, but because it's a static amount of absorb, it has quickly become more and more useless as gear has gotten better. This trend will continue indefinitely unless it is changed to scale somehow. Are there any plans to change this?
In patch 4.0.6 we lost bloodlust/heroism in rated arena matches and purge was over nerfed. Two of our most useful tools to help exert pressure and optimize damage during critical moments. It's completely locked out elemental from being a viable spec for arena (reaching 2.2k ) and nearly did the same for enhancement. What are the developers planning to help change this? Specifically for enhancement come patch 4.2 and beyond?
Throughout WotLK and Cataclysm, Enhancement loses out on 40% of their damage any time their opponents are shielded due to our abilities being unable to proc. Are there any plans to finally fix this bug so that Enhancement damage isn't devastated any time a Priest Bubble is thrown out, especially in light of the recent nerf to Purge in 4.0.6?
My question is about rogues, mainly in regards to combat; how do you feel about bandit's guile 6 months into cata? Did it meet your goal of rewarding rogues for using their cooldowns while watching their insight? B/c right now the difference between using Killing Spree on cooldown and using it with deep insight is neglibable. It has also caused combat to have very poor swapping skills because we are losing our guile stacks when we have to kill lots of little adds. So again, how do you feel about the way bandit's guile has turned out in actually gameplay instead of in theory on paper?

Also, Ghostcrawler never accepted my invite to join my guild at blizzcon, he is still invited, let him know that.
Enhancement shamans have long been considered one of the most fun and rewarding - albeit frustrating - specs in the game to play. The 'fun factor' shouldn't mean that end-result is to be mediocre at best. Do you feel that the Enhancement spec is justifiably one of the least represented specs in both PvP and PvE endgame?
Sinister strike currently holds the crown of "weakest primary damage dealing nuke" in game - and by quite a margin. Fully talented, with a good weapon, raid buffed, it will hit for a mere 6 - 6.5k damage.

It's shameful to see such small numbers from the ability, and it certainly doesn't live up to its name. Any plans to see it changed?

Steady Shot and Cobra Shot hit for even less at the same gear level and requires .8-2 second cast depending on haste buffs, are there plans to improve these abilities?
In Tier 11 raid gear, Enhancement itemization was pretty dreadful. We struggled with piecing together the proper set of gear to maintain our hit/exp caps while never really gaining mastery (our only other valuable secondary stat) along the way. Most people even prefer to skip out on the (lackluster) 4-piece set bonus, as a result. This looks to be much improved for Tier 12 - but itemization isn't the only scaling issue with Enhancement - Is it a known issue that Enhancement abilities such as Feral Spirits, Searing Totem, Windfury, etc. are hindering our scaling potential?
Is there any plans to start allowing raids and 5mans to function in a much broader sense in terms of DPS? In most cases its always detrimental to the raid to be melee heavy (especially in heroic raid encounters) as opposed to being ranged heavy. A few raid examples - Atramedes when he goes into the air, Nef in phase 2 (ranged dps only), Heroic Maloriak's phase 1 adds, Magmaw's worm adds, all of Chogall's adds (except the eyes in phase 2), Toxitron and his adds, etc.

Is there any plans to cut down on the melee "hate" any time soon and maybe not punish a raid for being melee heavy?
GC wrote a watercooler blog about simplifying the rotations of dps classes awhile back. Is there anything in the works that aims to change the Warlock rotations? Currently we all use addons to watch the timers and to manage UI space for all the buttons and it would be nice if the default UI handled this.
As a heroic raiding Enhancement shaman, I enjoy the fact that I'm looked upon for a specific raid duty - interrupts - but the reason I chose this class and spec was to 'bring more' to a raid than my previous character - a rogue. There was a time when people fought over which party I would be in. Long gone are the days of being a true support character, lost in the process of class/buff homogenization. I'd really like to bring something more valuable to a raid again, without playing my resto offspec for mana tide/spirit link. I'd settle for pretty much anything. Have we seen the end of this particular niche?
I often find myself forgoing the use of cooldowns entirely because doing so will pull threat, other times I pull aggro but damage meters show I was actually second in DPS. Do some classes actually pull more threat? or is it that we simply lack an aggro reduction talent?

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