Ask The Devs #10 - Damage Dealing (Questions)

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Fire Nova has gone through many iterations throughout Wrath and Cataclysm, leading to its current incarnation which requires a massive amount of micromanage to adequately perform. Additionally, our AoE has an excessive amount of ramp up time making us feel fairly useless when short AoE bursts are required. Do you plan on sticking with the current AoE implementation, changing it to erupt from our current target doing significantly more damage to those around it, or will Enhancement get its own separate AoE mechanic?
Despite multitudes of reliable and comprehensive community data analysis available these days from sites like WorldofLogs, raidbots, and State of DPS, we continue to see a large disparity in the damage/DPS that various classes/specs deal. Are there plans to actively tackle this dilemma or begin to separate skill functions for PVP & PVE to avoid more balance issues?
In Wrath, enhancement's number one priority ability was Feral Spirit because it was a powerful damage cooldown. What do you think could be done to help our Feral Spirit Scale better in the upcoming patch?

especially since it is our 31 pt talent..
Enhancement shamans have always had one eye out for an excuse to break the mold and wield a spellpower weapon for better damage potential - those who haven't, have been looking for ways to make the spellpower weapons less appealing. We're getting mixed messages in return. Our overall damage doesn't depend nearly enough on the physical components, specifically in regard to weapon damage. What we really need is an emphasized importance of weapon damage in our abilities and specifically a weapon damage based cleave/AOE attack, instead of a hand-me-down Elemental ability which favors spellpower. Are there any plans to address this?
Much discussion has been deliberated in the Boomkin community toward the changes of Lunar Shower, especially its effect on delaying an Eclipse, as well as sustained on-the-move damage; if the current 4.2 changes go ahead, what is the prospected outcome for Boomkins in terms of raid damage and add control?
Are there any changes under consideration for Warlock pets? They each come with their own buffs and utility powers, but it's such a significant DPS loss to use a different demon than your spec's optimal one that it's rare to use anything else. And the poor Voidwalker really can't tank anything these days.
Would the developers consider giving enhancement a melee AE attack, perhaps cooldown linked to lava lash, to reduce/remove our reliance on spellpower weapons, complex mouse-over macros, and the use of nameplate addons (that show debuffs) just to perform well in AE situations?
Certain stats are much weaker than others (Expertise vs. Crit for Arms, as an example) making gear with such stats weaker for those specs. Are these disparities intended, and if not, are there any plans to address them?
Weapons are the epitome of 'niche' items in itemization. Armor can be tailored to suit the needs of a particular class/spec via set pieces, and off-set pieces can roughly mirror or interchange the stats of the set pieces. The issue with weapons is, there just aren't enough to go around. Speaking as an Enhancement shaman I've noticed my fair share of weapon woes.

I'd be in favor of returning to an attack power base on weapons in place of the current strength/agility model to open up more weapons to more classes/specs, such as one-handed swords being unified between warriors/death knights/rogues. Is this a possibility in the future?
Elemental dps is low, you seem to be fixing it with fire ele, or attempting to, but fire ele is stupid, can you increase the complexity and dps of the class... maybe get rid of quake as a 31 talent and add something to the rotation?
Are there any plans to look over at current Enhancement Shaman woes - MW not proc'ing on shields, Searing Totem AI or the fact that it appears at the bottom of the sea or that it autodestroys with any reflect, high dependency on hit and sharing gear with a class that doesn't need as much nor does it need expertise, terrible scaling, crit and haste being seen as a loss of DPS, spellpower becoming more and more attractive and a complicated AoE system that rewards SP more than AP - or is the class considered to be in a good position?
Are there plans to separate the fixes intended for abilities you don't want to see being OP in Battlegrounds/Arena to prevent them from hurting any classes role as a Raid dpser? My toons mainly raid but the nerfs to some, in the name of PVP, prevent me from going back to them in a raid or dungeon environment.
I've noticed a total departure from proc-based weapons in the game in favor of the commonly-named 'stat sticks'. I miss weapons with special effects, but I can understand that it's hard to model these buffs/debuffs/damaging attacks within the constraints of a particular item level bracket. Will we see more of these weapon types in the future, perhaps?
The Enhancement community is at a loss of what to do any more. I don't know a single enhancer who's happy with how the class plays in raids right now, but even with our overwhelming number of constructive posts, there has been zero word from devs on our numerous issues. We try to keep the faith, but sometimes we just have to ask: "Do you still love us?"
Given the myriad of issues with searing totem’s AI, range, fight mechanics, and fragility, are you planning on allowing enhance shaman to apply searing flame stacks via melee attacks in addition to the searing totem but still capped at 5?

Damage returns from shields and fights like Al’Akir phase 3 effectively shuts down our dps output due to being unable to use searing totem properly.
With the current state of Hunters, Marksman greatly outshines Survival and Beast Mastery due to far superior weapon scaling. Even with Careful Aim cut in half and Black Arrow being buffed, Marksman still will shoot far above by mid Firelands gear as it doesn't address Survival and Beast Master's scaling (and Beast's buggy Kill Command) while Marksmanship gets double the damage bonus per gear upgrade (no exaggeration.) Survival and Beast are looking at Wrath again where they begin to drop off after the first tier due to horrid scaling and high base damage.

Are the specs besides Marksman having their scaling looked at as well?
Are you happy with DK dpsing and how they dont have the heroic difficulty of watching/gaming their resources unlike their tanking dk breathern?

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