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Why does windfury still do physical damage? It remains the only weapon enhancement that adds a damaging effect to not deal elemental damage. Allowing windfury to deal nature damage would be a decent step in terms of giving enhance scaling with how well we benefit from mastery.
In many cases currently, the concept of using cooldowns "early and often" is a very simple and rewarding way to manage the abilities. Would you consider perhaps increasing the effectiveness of combining the cooldowns and procs out there so that strategic use can be a bit more rewarding?
Hunters have no role that can't be filled better by another DPS. There is no reason to bring them to any form of competitive PvP. What is being done to give hunters a "niche" and make them a more desirable class for competitive PvP?
Due to stat value disparities, gem values are also extremely different. In many cases, pure primary-stat gems (Int/Str/Agi) dwarf their hybrid counterparts, even despite socket bonuses. This results in almost pure primary-stat gemming: is this intended, and if not, are there any plans to address it?
There have been several posts related to balance druids, but I feel like they are either too focused or PVE related. In terms of PVP, you will be hard pressed to find a single class that believes balance druids are overpowered. I'm sure you've seen the threads all over the forums (and in the past) about our severe lack of PVP survivability and "hard-cast"-ability. The latest lunar shower change will reduce our time in eclipse, but the removal of the movement component to building/maintaining Lunar shower will completely cripple our PVP damage when a melee class is focusing us (which is always) to the tune of 70% off of our direct MF/SF damage (which at 4-5k / 9k crits against resil targets was not that powerful to begin with).

Asking for a reason for this change is silly, because explanations do not provide solutions. Plain and simple, given our already weak state of PVP and this extremely severe PVP nerf, are there plans to increase our space-building / maintaining (to allow us to hard-cast), our survivability, our nukes' damage, or anything at all?

I think I can speak for myself, moonkins, and honestly every other class in the game that will target us first and even switch to us from a target at 50% hp if we pop up, that the spec is struggling, and a nerf of this magnitude will actually eliminate us from PVP. If a change in our playstyle is the ultimate goal, I urge you to temporarily revert the lunar shower nerf until the other tools to effect this change are in place. We simply cannot survive this phase until others are added to counter-balance it.

Thank you
What, if any solutions to Dev's have for balancing comps, and the buffs they bring in the 10man environment. Synergy is important for a successful raid, and the combination of classes necessary to maximize raid potential is at times difficult to achieve. This is made increasingly difficult when someone retires, and your only able to recruit 1 specific class to fill their spot.

Are there any plans to make synergy provide from passive buffs easier to manage. There by allowing more diverse raid comps to be more successful?
One of the new changes for balance druids is that Lunar Shower will make Moonfire generate Solar energy and Sunfire will generate Lunar energy. This means that the druid will be pushed out of both Eclipse states by spamming moonfire/sunfire, but can only build towards a Solar eclipse and cannot build towards a Lunar eclipse by spamming moonfire. Is this the final design of Lunar Shower, or are there other changes in the works?
Are there any plans on making rogues less reliant on the 20% melee speed buff? currently it is a huge dps loss without it.
I would also like to ask about the Melee/Ranged question. Often I see raid leaders asking in trade for ranged DPS because of their inherent utility.

With hunters providing physical-type damage, excellent damage, and an incredible array of raid utility (via pet buffs), why should any raid leader take a melee class?
The Enhancement Shaman talents for Searing Flames leash that debuff, and it's subsequent damage modifier for Lava Lash, to our searing totem. This means we can never effectively drop Flametongue totem if we're the sole source of the spellpower buff or use Fire Elemental as a damage cooldown. This is also a major issue for encounters where totems are useless or ineffective. Would it be so hard to let our Flametongue imbue stack Searing Flames instead?
Regarding the 4.2 Pet Assist function, do you have plans (or were they already implemented) into classes that utilize other types of non-controlled pets (Mirror Images, Fire Totems, etc)
Is there anyway to reduce slice and dice speed increase and put that damage into attacks? This would be easy to offset sub pvp by increasing its mastery or just increasing mutilate, envenom, sinister strike damage if you don't care about it in pve currently.
Enhancement requires 1742 spell hit rating and 541 expertise rating in order to 'cap' ourselves. The combined total of hit and expertise rating exceeds all other classes and specs by a large margin. Additionally, the only class that Enhancement shares itemization with does not require expertise rating at all. Are there any plans to help alleviate the hit or expertise requirements of our spec to bring us in line with other dps class/spec combinations?
So as per this thread here:

Combat rogues are really the only melee spec that agility-based swords are useful for, yet we see them quite often when an axe would serve multiple specs just as well. Are there any non-lore reasons to keep enhancement shamans from being able to use swords, or alternatively, is there any reason that one-handed agility swords can't just be made axes or maces in the future??

Even better, have you considered switching back to using Attack Power, but only on weapons, in order to allow weapons to be shared across more specs?
So for the Enh Shaman we are pretty much the only Melee Class that uses both AP & SP for our attacks.

is there any thought to increasing Mental Quickness from 50%

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