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Frost Presence is currently unused except for AoE situations due to use being GCD capped. The extra runic power from it is wasted due to already being capped by the GCD and the extra 15% damage is not enough to outweigh a 1.5s GCD vs a 1.0s GCD as resources get wasted. It doesn't look like this will change either as the more resources available the worse Frost Presence becomes.

It seems pretty obvious that the design intent is for Blood Presence to be tank, Frost Presence to be PvE and Unholy Presence to be for PvP. Despite this Unholy Presence is better in PvE single target and PvP. Lately it seems to a lot of Death Knights that PvP is really influencing the balance of PvE and this seems like a very good place to differentiate the two. Are there any plans to make it so Frost Presence is more attractive in PvE?
Why is my warlock damage in full 359 gear comparable to other classes in 346-353 gear??
Do you have any plans to improve balance's survival and mobility in pvp? Possibly by improving existing abilities or adding new abilities. Wild Mushroom or Typhoon would be good options for improvement. Wild mushroom could be improved by allowing all 3 mushrooms to be planted on one GCD, adding a short stun/immobilize to the detonation of them (This would also make it a more valuable ability to specs other than Balance), or by causing them to deal a universal damage type such as spellstorm.

Do you feel that the change to Lunar Shower is truly in the best interest of balance druids?
Lunar Shower originally enabled balance to have greater mobility in PvP while still dealing a decent amount of damage. With the current design in the 4.2 patch notes ability to enter eclipse will increase, but time in that eclipse will be shorter, or our DPS will decrease because of inability to cast moonfire/insect swarm at risk of losing the eclipse.

Will Balance ever see more mobility or utility to ease the hard casting issues caused by the abundant interrupts? Currently besides typhoon and mushrooms, balance doesn't bring much to the table in terms of escape options. Improvements could be made to typhoons width for the knockback so it hits more consistently, or to mushrooms usefulness in pvp to help balance have more options to allow them more time to cast spells.

Will the Treants summoned by Force of Nature ever see abilities added to them so they are on par with other similar summoned pets (Mirror Images, Feral Spirit, Raise Dead)? Currently they deal mediocre mele damage and are easily outpaced by many classes mobility. Mirror Images cast spells which are harder to escape from, Feral Spirit and Raise Dead both have stuns as well as additional dps abilities. Will Treants ever see some kind of Wrath ability, or additional control abilities moreso than simply being a dps CD.
What plans do you have to improve the Beast Mastery spec? (i.e. fixing kill command, different abilities; spamming arcane and steady can not be intended, pet scaling) It is a spec that has so much potential but has been kept down ever since the Burning Crusade ended.
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Considering how all Shaman buffs are now inferior to other buffs from other classes, thanks to both 3.0 and 4.0 buff homogenization, have there been any plans at all to overhaul the totem system?

Just for a couple of reasons as to why Shaman buffs are inferior...

A) All totem buffs can be dispelled by literally any class without any cost at all. Purge and Spellsteal were recently *HEAVILY* nerfed to make offensive dispels more costly, so why is it still so cheap and easy to "dispel" a shaman?
Especially consider the fact that most of our totem buffs have alternatives from other classes (SPriest aura, SV Hunter aura, Warrior Shout, Lock felpuppy aura, Pally auras).. actually cannot be dispelled

B) All totem buffs interfere with our non-buff utility, such as Earthbind, Tremor, Stoneclaw, Grounding, Healing Stream, and our only important totem (Searing Totem). We'd very much like to have our utility NOT restricted by our buffs, and vice versa.
Hunters have several mechanics that feel self-punishing. Examples: BM's Killing Streak only has a 1 second window of practical use because KC goes on cooldown to proc the effect, MM's Piercing Shots uncontrollably and negatively affects the effectiveness of Scattershot and Freezing Traps. Will these issues be addressed during this expansion?
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Are there any plans for rogues to have an option to focus fire with Killing Spree? Currently, the random nature of the combat rogue's "ultimate attack" cannot be used with so much focus on CC in raids (and even heroics). It's very frustrating to not have access to one of your strongest weapons because of CC concerns.
Shadowpriest rotation and mastery is annoying thanks to Shadow Orbs, RNG with Mind Flay, and having to cast Mind Blast to activate the +periodic damage effect.

Are there any plans to simplify this or make it more fluid?
The pure dps classes dont bring the utility to raids as say a ret paladin does but does the same amount of damage. Is there any plans to change this to where playing a pure dps class means doing more damage than the hybrids? Not saying huge difference just a notable difference
Divine Storm has become a shell of what it use to be - Can we please have Divine Storm back into our regular rotation, separate from Crusader Strike?

The graphic is too epic to be left to rot.
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On the subject of totems, do you still consider them flavor? Still no intentions of changing the system? To my knowledge, you are the only ones pleased with the systems current incarnation.

Keep in mind I am only referring to buff totems and searing. I think, and most would probably agree, that totems like grounding, earthbind and the other similar ones do suit the class well and keep that flavor. We still make a huge trade off in damage for utility, something you addressed with other classes through talents such as deadly brew, revamping paladin seals/judgements and the warlock curse system.
Are the developers content with how Death Knights are performing? There seems to be a consensus that exists within the player base and a different opinion which being is communicated via PTR patch notes that adjust their numbers (or lack thereof) and often changes that come from out of nowhere.
Is DPS Warrior threat intentionally much higher than any other class (despite not having any threat dump ability) and are there any plans to change this?
Balance druid AoE currently involves tab spamming moonfire, and using wild mushrooms on cooldown. Hurricane has fallen out of use entirely due to its tremendous mana cost (i believe its the most expensive spell in the game), and poor damage output. If you want druids to be using hurricane, what are your plans to address this.
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Are there any plans to reexamine rogue combo point portability across targets to make it similar to the Paladin combo point mechanic? A pure class that cannot wear plate should be able to be more mobile with their ability to build and distribute damage based on combo points - if Paladins can gain points without target penalties, why are rogues penalized?
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Enhancement Shamans and Retribution Paladins both suffer greatly in scaling due to their lack of a true resource system. This is most evident by comparing damage output under hasted situations - such as Bloodlust/Heroism and encounters such as Sinestra and Alysrazor. While other classes rise to the occasion, the aforementioned specs fall short. Is there any plan or ambition to fix this disparity?
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Enhancement (and Elemental) currently has the weakest and most intensive AoE in the game, and is entirely dependent on having a large group of mobs up for a prolonged period of time. Enhancement AoE is almost worthless when a fast AoE burn is needed on a group of monsters due to the ramp-up time required to make Fire Nova in its current implementation worthwhile. Are there any plans to give Enhancement a melee-based cleave or AoE attack, similar to what every other melee based class has?

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