anyone like to get [Halaa Battle Token]?

Some of my guildes and I are bored in Halaa- -
Hey there, if you still check this out i'd be interested in trying to organize some sort of battle at halaa. There's only 3 more mounts that i need from BC, two being the talbuks. I'll try to check this again later, but feel free to hit me up in game if you can make a level 1 alliance and add me, usually i'm on from 1pm-8pm server, sometimes later. Or have a guildy or friend hit me up just to try getting it organized :P
I'd be very keen as well - looking to get the last Talbuk mounts from there as well. I have an alliance toon so I'll try & get in contact with you to set up a time or something. I know a friend who will come as well so you have an extra Horde person :)

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