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Hello. First off, my apologies if this suggestion seems stupid, or if it's been covered in years past. I'm quite new to WoW having only played for a few months. I'm not too familiar with the reasons things are the way they are now, simply because I have never participated in WoW, and thus don't have the experience that y'all do.

If possible, make quests similar in nature to Stealing From Thieves return 0 rep when Friendly and above. Perhaps indicate them as "low level" but return nothing.

I can not turn in my Oshu'Gun Crystal Fragments, because my rep is Friendly, and the quest "Stealing From Thieves" is only available at Neutral rep.

Problem Details:
I never started that quest line at all. Instead I was killing things and gathering up all sorts of Oshu'Gun items. I realized I had a lot of Oshu'Gun stuff, so I asked a friend where do I turn that into. He said Gezhe will give you the quest for those. Fantastic! I went back to Gezhe and turned in all my Oshu'Gun Crystal Powder Samples, but Gezhe would not want my Oshu'Gun Crystal Fragments. He offered no quest. Confused, I searched wowhead to figure out what happened. It was then that I found out that quest is only availble while Neutral.

Why Even Bother?:
Well, I'm sure most of you have very familiar with the game, but since this is my first time through, I'm trying to absorb as much as possible. I am actually reading every word of the quests that I do, just for the lore. I even complained to my friend when I first started playing that "there's too much to read in this game". (he just laughed) I've been playing for nearly 4 months now, and my first toon just today hit 82. So I am taking it quite slow, just enjoying everything as I go.

However, newbies like me do like to read every quest that we can, while also not knowing that some quests are unattainable once you go past a certain point. True I could make another toon and just read it then, but it'd be nice knowing that just one toon has done a full 100% or whatnot.

Now I know that some quests are mutually exclusive. For example the Aldors and Scryers, but that's just fundamental to the gameplay itself. (and I think you can eventually reduce your rep and go to the other faction later on) Quests availability at specific faction rep I assume is designed to facilitate rep progression, while at the same time limiting the amount of rep gained by doing dailies again and again. The suggestion I've mentioned could still keep this system intact, as no rep it given above Neutral.

All in all, this is probably something that most people could not care any less about. Coupled with the fact that there are probably not that many newbies to WoW after 7 years of it being out. However if by implementing this suggestion, the nature of the game is not disturbed, then I think it would be a good idea. It would let users interested in all the lore given through quests the ability to experience it all with at least one toon.

I do thank you in advance for reading through this suggestion, and for any insightful comments y'all might offer to this newbie. :D
There is no way to complete *every* quest in the game on a single toon. It's impossible. I'm not just talking about, "oh well, duh, alliance can't do horde only quests!". There are a few quests like you mentioned. There's even more that are breadcrumb quests where you accept one and the others go "poof" forever.

If you're truly interested in what the quest says and the dialogue with the questgiver, you can google the quest title and sites like wowwiki have much of that stuff recorded.
Problems like the one you identified aren't being attended to right now, not because Blizzard is unsympathetic, but because they simply have too much to do maintaining "current" content and developing upcoming content. The policy on things in old expansions is pretty much "well, it worked OK for this many years, it can last a bit longer". They want eventually to go back and repaint all old content and fix any salient issues but it has to fit into their resource allocation schedule.

The one you mentioned specifically is more likely than most to get a fix, because it makes it harder for people to complete the Nagrand Loremaster achievement (I initially expected that to be one of your reasons). Things that restrict people's ability to complete achievements tend to get a higher priority. But that achieve is still possible even if you miss the two obsoletable Consortium quests (the Ivory Tusk one also stops at Friendly).
06/10/2011 01:40 AMPosted by Rekha
there are probably not that many newbies to WoW after 7 years of it being out.

are you kidding me?! the games full of noobs!! even ppl who have played for many years can be noobs!

im have a definite case of noobishness.... and your always learning something new about the game
Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah, I found that the community has posted the dialog on wowhead, so I've been reading quests that I find that I've missed there.

Ah, I did not know that quest could potentially affect the Loremaster achievement, otherwise that is a very good reason in itself. :)

Sweet, then I'm not the only newb there. :D
ok here goes>>Im not new to Game, been playin' 4 years now.I know about digging for relics>>but when it comes to relics in the new expansion, I cant locate any.Whats up with that guys?(That would be Mists Of Pandaria)
Okay, I have to ask. How exactly did you decide that, out of all the thousands of threads that have been created in the last eighteen months, this was the one for you to add your entirely unrelated question to?

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