What happen to sprirt pets Moonfire?

I was watching a youtube video and say the new spirit beast. It was attacking the hunter tameing it with moonfire. That got me thinking, WTF happen to the spirit beast moonfire? that was one of the cool things about them. Why did blizz take this away? It wasnt op and anyone who says it was was squishy.
Blizzard deemed it gay and mostly pointless
Well blizz doesnt like us hunters much that I know.
It was cool but it was pretty pointless. Blizzard dropped it when they gave Spirit Beasts their new specials prior to Cata release. Personally - I'd rather have the new specials as opposed to hitting our enemies with a flashlight :)
yeah i agree with you Prisonersix. I will miss the days when used it on ppl and they would look around for a boomkin. Funny as hell to see them do that XD
I miss the moonfire animation as well.

It was just an animation (one that a lot of people loved) and I hope that they'll add it back again someday. Just make it the equivalent of scratch or whatever.
I don't miss it and post#2 sums it up nicely.
I logged on recently and pulled out my old windserpent SPARKY... and what do i see...

NO LIGHTNING BREATH... just some crap ability only useful in group or raid...

I hate how blizzard decided not to give pets ranged damage upgrade. and just flubbed this ability...

I would use a Dragonhawk.. and run thru low level dungeons.. as the thing breathed AOE flame on everything..

This may have somthing to do with them not fixing the problem.. where the windserpent would be in melee.. then run out to range to do its lightning attack.. then run back into melee..

But i just hate feeling that Blizz takes the easy road all the time when it fixes crap..
I actually like the fact that the cat kills players in PvP now better.
It was removed with patch 4.0. I said it then and I'll continue to say it, I just want the animation back. I'm not asking for a DoT, the added range or anything else of the sort. They can just add the animation to their regular claw attack for all I care. I just miss the light show.

Don't get me wrong, I love the heal. The heal is the only reason I continue to use a spirit beast on any regular basis. But when I first tamed one, it was strickly for the fancy animation. Taking that away definitely diminished my enjoyment of using a spirit beast.
Hmm.. blizz is taking fun away from the hunter class? nooo.. that cant be right..
I wish they kept it but made it do a bit more dmg

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