Jungle Cleave in need of help :D

Alright so we are floating around 2200+ and one comp that screws us up is Spriest/Lock/Rshaman. We've tried to cyclone Spriest Trap Shaman to prevent mass dispels go on lock.. put it seems they put too much pressure out.

Any help is nice :)
shadowplay is a hard counter to feral/hunter/healer if they play correctly, with current warlock pressure and spirit link in the game

that said, you can win matches if they do not play correctly. if the warlock is not very good, the shadow priest is your best target. if the warlock is any good, you need to train him because otherwise you will fall too far behind too fast against his pressure and control.

you have to go extremely hard immediately, just full cd offensive zerg whichever one you are on (the map, and their positioning, also determines who you can go on - the warlock is better in a real sense, but the shadow priest is sometimes a better option depending on the context).

you need to put them so far behind early that you (a) get them to spirit link the opener so that they don't have it for your next cc chain/kill opportunity and/or (b) get the shaman to trinket, so that later you may have a chance to get a cc chain that he can't trinket on him and kill something while he cannot spirit link

the first cyclone should normally be on the warlock if you are on the shadow priest - you need him to trinket early also, because you need to avoid peels when you can get a kill shortly later. and yes, double cc spriest/shaman as much as you can if you are on the warlock (a few ways to do that, e.g. scatter trap shaman + fear spriest, scatter trap shaman + cyclone spriest, fear shaman without tremor + scatter/clone/bash spriest (bashes should really be on shaman though), etc, but you really need to zerg shaman hard.

also make sure your feral is kicking the warlock when he is not controlled but still ready to kick the shaman when you can get kills, and coordinate silences and kicks on heals, you can't really afford to lap anything

really the only way to win. it is possible to do it pretty easily against worse teams, against an actual good shadowplay though you will not win unless they forget how to play the game suddenly or something (for example, playing against azael/talbadar on TR as feral/hunter/priest, we've killed azael once or twice because he just forgot completely that he had a portal or something - not really sure what was up with that =p outside that though, it's nearly impossible to win against a good team)

you can extend these matches a little bit by playing with a lot of control on the dps, if you don't get a kill in the opener, but if you fail to get a kill quite early it is very unlikely you'll win
Thanks :)
My god with these cleave names. I am still waiting to see liberaci cleave.
Another comp LSD impossible.
06/13/2011 04:29 PMPosted by Howishotbow
I raged so hard I wanted to cry.

There there.


Ya that's pure control for ya, ya gotta stay on offensive , see who's got clickoffs, pop em, chain the cc while you get your dps focused up. And if the squishie are Rollin a bunch of clickoffs well that's all the more resil and dps they're missin. Gotta burst that dps on em quick and dirty

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