How to calm yourself down? What are your tips

Get my buddy to point a shotgun to my head, guess what, iv never lost a arena match.
When I'm anxious in a match I play better, but I heal.. it makes me more aware of dmg coming in and more intense. Though when I first started doing arenas I used to get fast heart-rate and have trouble focusing it went away after like 10 matches.

Now it only happens when I'm in an extremely intense fight. Usually it makes me play better though and I end up winning, like this one match I had w/ a 2400 druid on our server (balance) and his mage friend; took us 8 minutes to win as healer/dps but we got the mage down eventually. It was a good fight.
chew on some gum

and like that shaman above me, faceroll afterwards
state of mind is probably the most consistently significant determining factor in the outcome of most types of competition

that said, arena is hardly any sort of proper competition. play for fun, and play to win - in a very true sense, "it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game" is the best way to view every game (wow arena, or anything else) - whether you succeed or not is not the point, and if you start worrying about that it's more likely to cause you problems than to help you.

just play your best and have fun doing it. =p
play for fun. =p

This. Generally me and my arena partners take the piss outta each other and make fun of each other, makes us loose and comfortable with taking a loss.
Another good thing is that your teammate(s) in vent or skype with you are being comical. If you guys are laughing making jokes having fun the brain works better while in a good mood or not under a lot of stress. Even if you have to start making jokes about the opposing team it can help you calm down relax laugh and have fun which its proven comedy makes you in a good mood and can make your preform better.
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