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So, WoW has been really acting up lately for me. I was talking to a friend that used to play the game, and he told me that there is a Browser Version of WoW. I found this really unlikely, but i just anted to check, because that would be cool and helpful. If there is an in-browser WoW game, please tell me where.

Your friend is feeding you a big plate of the poo poo
I.. what .. huh.. ow.. -rubs head-
There isn't one.

There are several browsers that look like they function with wow, but those aren't actual woW browsers.

Perhaps your friend was talking about Windowed Mode?
I dunno. He said these words. "I played the download version of WoW, not the Browser version. Yes, ****** (My hidden name), There is a browser version. Its on the website, you just have to find it."
what website the world of warcraft, blizzard, or

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