Suggestion - Lower AH durations to 20 Hours

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Simple suggestion:

Lower AH durations on 24-hour and 48-hour auctions to 20 Hours and 44 Hours respectively (or 22 Hours and 46 Hours).

For the same reason tradeskill cooldowns were adjusted from 24 hour to 20 hours, some people like to log in at the same time every day (ie, right before work, or right after work) and re-post auctions. For those people, a 24-hour duration on auctions makes it very difficult to maintain a schedule. Lowering the duration by 1-4 hours would make it much more convenient for players who like to maintain a specific time of day for auctioning.
If I log in every day at 4 pm ST, am I not logging in 24 hours later?

And the CD for tradeskills is midnight ST, so I can use my CD at 11:59 pm and magically 1 minute later use it again for a whopping 1 minute CD.
There's a difference between a cooldown and an auction, though. If I had to leave in 10 minutes, but my cooldown wasn't done for 20 minutes, I missed my cooldown for the day. If I had to leave in 10 minutes, and my auction expired in 20 minutes, I could cancel the auction, then list it again.

While it's not an ideal solution, between that (and the mobile AH, although I'm still not a big fan of it,) the issue isn't as pressing. Also, while lowering the cooldown benefits pretty much everyone, lowering the time an auction is up could hurt people, since they lose 4 hours that they could have had.

For example, I seldom put up an auction then list it as soon as it's done. Most of the time, I put one up for 48 hours, and then head off for the weekend. Your suggested change would lose me 4 hours that my item could have been up, those losing a potential buyer.

I'd say a better suggestion would be if the auction has an hour or less on it, let it be listed again without losing the deposit (if you normally get the deposit back, all my auctions pretty much sell. @.@)
I don't want my market to be vacant for 4 hours.

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