<INVICTUS> 1/8 Heroic DS 25 man LFM

Burning Legion
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" no drama and have a zero tolerance for anyone with a huge EGO. "

Quite the opposite of what I've heard. At least, stories of the GM being a crazy lunatic has swept the server. Pretty much everyone knows INVICTUS has been dying single-handedly because of drama.

We got rid of everyone that was apart of that drama

What about the people responsible for the drama?
Also, why are you recruiting a Resto Shaman? Don't you already have Haruum, the best Shaman on the server?
I love big hands ..mmm
the rbg screenshots look a little off to me, all of those kids either quit or gquit due to meshi being a big toolbag. updated screenshots please

lookin for more
Meshi's a super nice guy. If he's raging on you it's probably cause you bad. :)
I heard the new strat for Nef is to use Army and lust at like 50%
how can you raid for 2 hours and get anything done

thats like, enough time to clear trash and make 2 pulls
enroute for pvp.
i could bring over my druid for pve if the guild desired.
<3 Invictus/Meshi Good times from S9.
<3 meshi, ur my fav flaming !@#$
how about ferals

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