So I'm about to roll a lock...

My old friends needed a caster dps badly for his 10m group (their boomkin and mage just quit, got a hunter but they're 1 short). So they smoothtalked me into doing that for 4.2, basically they'll carry me around the first couple of weeks to get me some gear. I don't have any experience on caster classes really, All I've played is Prot Warr, DK, and feral dps/tank, I did try boomkin while leveling the druid, but i can't stand looking at chicken form for more than 5 minutes, my druid is 80 and in another server, so i wont' dish out 25 bucks if I can lvl another guy in 2 weeks.

I have a couple of questions, I'll have all the BoAs by tomorrow, if I have the patience to chain run heroics for JP... lol, just missin staff and shoulders so...

What's the best spec to level up? If all 3 are viable, which one nukes stuff faster assuming full BoA geerz? I know everything dies in 2-3 casts at most, but with locks being a DoT class (Might be horribly wrong) IDK... To me they don't seem the LOLBURST kind of class.

From a min/max PoV what's the best horde race for a lock? I'm thinking Orc or Troll but not sure.

Thanks in advance.


Best horde race and fastest-killing spec for leveling would be...?

Edit 2: Fix't title.
Orc Demo Lock.

Go aff at 85
I'll need another person to second this but I'm pretty sure affliction will give you the most survivability. Leveling up I could dot a target, soul swap to another and dot a third. I would have a total of 5 or so monsters on me all dying from DoTs.

I don't think trolls can be warlocks but they might have changed it..I don't pay attention to trolls but orcs are a pretty good race with their berserk or whatever it's called ability. More SP for a bit, and increased pet damage which doesn't hurt at all.

I'm just a fan of undead because of WotF and I love the undead storyline.

In any case, destro probably kills things faster but you'll have to break a bit more. Affliction kills a little slower but when fighting creatures on your level you can really wreck them. I honestly can't vouch for demo because I haven't tried it while leveling.
Just went troll lock (yes when 4.0 hit trolls were allowed to be locks, zephrey). Because I don't have a troll, lol. Figured Racials would not make or break a class, and if they did, hey, I just might dish out the 25 bucks, lol.

Guess ill be going destro, surviving is no problem for me, managed to level up my pally (non pvp realm up to 65ish with no deaths then died to a fire in a dungeon, lol)
Only reason why I suggest Orc was because of how OP the felhunter is, another 5% on that is HUGE.
I like ma berserking, mon!

I kinda miss the OVERSIZED SHOULDERS tho, xD.

Thx for the help. :)
I wouldn't go and say the felhunter is OP, but I'd say affl all the way
If you want speed, nothing comes close to how fast aff is. Destro can kill 1v1 at a decent rate, but if everything goes well you will have about an 8 second CD you have to wait on, while aff just keeps going and going and going...

You see leveling as aff isn't about having survivability, no downtime, or killing fast 1v1(though it has the first 2). It is about dotting everything in sight and watching it all die at your feet. My rogue is about to 1-2 shot everything it sees as well as teleport up to them, stealth through mobs he doesn't need to kill, and get EXP from picking herbs. My hunter kills so fast my pet is almost useless, and if things don't die from a single aimed shot, they do from a killshot/arcane shot, and again he gets EXP from skinning. However both pale in comparison to what I can do as aff. I leveled this guy from 80-85 primarily through drain tanking, and have a level 46 lock who has done the same, with periodic breaks to evaluate demo and destro every now and then to compare them.

TLDR: You want speed? GO AFF!!!
demonology SUCKS ASSS
and destro kinda kills things preettyyy slowwllyyy
and im full BOA

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