Xfinity Constant Guard Suite causes problems!

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I just wanted to warn everyone that I am a Comcast customer and I was recently invited to download and use their new Xfinity Constant Guard Suite. Since it is included in the cost of my cable bill I decided "sure, why not?"

I'll tell you why not.... immediately after installing and running the Constant Guard Suite I noticed I started having problems with WoW.

My problem was that anytime I tried to type a command (that is ANY key press outside of a message, either whisper, or chat... the quick action commands (numbered 1-=) would be activated!

And, they would be activated in rotation (1 then 2 then 3, etc). I noticed this because I have my attack key slaved to quick action #1. So I would get in a fight and spam the #1 key. Well, my attack went haywire because I wasn't spamming the attack button... I was going through all the numbers in sequence from 1 through =!

I thought maybe my mods were causing it and disabled all my mods, it still happened. Then I though maybe my keys needed to be reprogrammed and tried, anytime I pressed a command key instead of the actual key it would enter the current rotation!

Any way, I thought for a few minutes what I had changed on my computer recently and realized I had just loaded the Comcast Xfinity Constant Guard Suite. So, as an experiment I unloaded it and everything started working fine in WoW!

So.... if you're a Comcast customer and you load the Constant Guard Suite and notice you're having problems in WoW... now you know what is causing them!

cant even get on wow. if any1 know what to do tell me blizzard is stumped
I'm a long-time Comcast customer as well ... let me clue you in on a good general rule-of-thimb ... don't install ANY of Comcast's "free" crap ... it's all garbage. You'll be a LOT better off with well-designed system protection like Avast, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, etc.

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Uhm, guys, the OP is from like... 2011. And the Bug Report Forums don't handle bugs from other company's products. And Exodust, you haven't given nearly enough info for anyone to help you. Try posting more than one line asking for help in the Customer Support Forums. Let's just pretend this never happened, okay?


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