[A] Progression 10m LF TANKS--Any spec-wk-end

Deja Entendu is an level 25 Alliance guild on the US-Stormrage server based on the East coast. We are a semi-hardcore progression 10m raid group that raids 2 times a week.

Cata Progression:
-Bastion of Twilight - 4/4 - 4/4HM
-Blackwing Decent - 6/6 - 5/6 HM
-Throne of the Four Winds - 2/2
--Firelands: 7/7
--Firelands Heroic: 6/7h
---Dragon Soul Normal: 8/8
---Dragon Soul Heroic: 8/8h

Mists of Pandaria Progression
6/6 Mogu'Shan Vaults
3/6 Heart of Fear

Our core is recruiting 2 TANK POSITIONS. Pref Death Knight & Monk combo but am open to all TANKING SPECS! DPS off spec will be needed.

Our current core raid comp is:

Resto Druid
Holy Pally
Ele/Resto Sham
BM Hunter
Fire Mage
Shadow Priest
Fury Warrior
Ret Pally

Core Requirements:
18 years old +
475 min item level
LFR & MSV experience
ALL PVE gear (a few pieces are understandable)
All appropriate enchants, gems and all glyphs present.
A mature attitude.
Vent is required with a working mic.

What we offer our raiders: Guild Repairs, Flasks, Potions, Foods, Enchants, Gems, vent fun times, laid back raid environment, guild runs, & the occasional alt run of current content, older content or achieves/transmog and more :)

Friends and family are also encouraged to join the guild who could use help learning about the game and their characters. Casuals and Back-Ups/Fillers are always welcome!

Core: Friday & Saturday 8-Midnight
Grp 2/Alts: Tuesday 8pm- (Currently on hold)
Loot Rules: Simple MS/OS rolls. Detailed info on our website.

GM: Elekapeka (BATTLE TAG: Elekapeka#1581)

For quick responses apply on our website in the forums! Hope to hear from you!

If you ever find yourselves in need of a resto druid feel free to give me a look- my info is availible on armory
Will do!
Your recruitment needs on your website differ from the ones in this post just wondering which is accurate?
the website should always be more accurate than the forum posts since i do sometime forget about these =( i have just updated this post though and will go back to the website and update it as well :)
Looking for some Healers & DPS !
up up and awaaaaay
still searching for those leet heals!
im 360 resto sham with 358 ele set, 11/12 bosses downed (had to leave before council in BoT) and a few shannox attempts, PM me in game
Bump for updated needs! Looking for resto shaman or disc/holy Priest!

Lookin' for 1 RDPS also Warlock/Ele Sham!
Now looking for exceptional MDPS! We need moar interupts!

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