[A] Progression 10m LF TANKS--Any spec-wk-end

Any enhancement shamans !?
Need a leet Enhancement Shaman!
Also interested in a TANK!
Looking for 1 tank & 1 mdps! ENH SHAMANS WHERE ARE YOUUU
Apply or show interest and be raiding with us this Fri & Sat!
17-20k dps average Fury Warrior looking for a semi/hardcore raiding guild that raids evening during the week and weekends.

I work early in the morning so the latest I can raid is midnight server time.

I am currently 4/4, 6/6, 2/2 on my other toon and I know all FL fights.

I AM NOT LOOKING TO GET CARRIED IN ANY WAY!!!!! I realize I have a few peices of 353 and I am working hard on my own time putting together T11 raids to replace them.

Willing to server transfer/faction jump if given a raid spot.
Looking for a mature, non-fail, geared, skilled, raid ready, punctual MELEE DPS.

Do they even freaking exist!?
now recruiting for our second firelands group... Needs Heals/DPS!
If you guys started at 8:45 instead of 8:00, I'd be happy to bring my resto druid. Anyways, enjoy the bump.
Got free Hunter-Shaman-Warrior tokens to give away if anyone is looking for a new guild check out the DE website http://dejaentendu.guildlaunch.com/?gid=0
Guaranteed to give your hunter a 5pc tier set in just 2 days! :D
Sup gangstas. bump this with some http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy_iGZUDJGw&feature=related
That is how we fight heroic rhyolith.
the angel opens her eyes
We may have an open DPS spot for the Fri/Sat team in the upcoming weeks due to a raider expecting but I've yet to talk to them about their plans. If you're interested you can apply and we'll be sure to go back and look at the applications if we do end up needing to fill.
A spots opened up in our core group! Now looking for 1 Tank for Friday/Saturday group!

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