[A] Progression 10m LF TANKS--Any spec-wk-end

bumping, need 1 tank with dps os (Blood DK) & 1 DPS (ROGUE)
need a tank! come apply on our website!
Still looking for a tank w/ dps os!
need a tank!
Looking to fill spot for this coming Fri/Sat
you guys ever down for a another fury warrior hmu im 4/6 MSV and 1/6 MSV realm 8TH HEROIC GARAJAL KILL
Still need a tank for this Friday/Saturday raid. Had first boss in Heart of Fear to 3%. Buggy fight is buggy this week :(
still looking!
recruiting a tank!...again!

need DK or MONK tank with dps os!!
looking for mature, non-scrub tanks to raid and stay with our core long term!!!! don't suck/come up with excuses and communicate is all i fsking ask D:
bumping needing tanks....!!
Roy sucks.
lookin for tanks this fri/sat
Your title putting our guild name instead of yours is very misleading.
Hey Shadow, fight me.

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