<Business Time> 7/13 10M LF DPS for Firelands

Guild Recruitment
Business Time - a 7/13 guild raiding 9 hrs per week (Mon/Wed/Thurs 6-9 PM PT) is recruiting! We're currently seeking one player - a dedicated DPS. We have a strong preference for ranged DPS - preferably either a moonkin or shadowpriest - but would consider an excellent player of another class or even a DPS/off-spec tank DK. Currently we have no DKs on our roster.

What we're looking for:
-You are primarily a skilled damage dealer, committed to progression and willing to push through nights of wiping until we succeed!
- You are a player dedicated to excelling at your class and follow the latest theorycraft.
- You'll always research strats (and will discuss or at least read strats on our forums in-between raids).
- A raid never catches you unprepared - flasks, food, fully gemmed and enchanted - you treat your gear with care because you want to do the best you can, not because you've been told that you have to.
- You're interested in finding a like-minded group of people who are serious about tens.
- But you don't take yourself too seriously, because even though we are all ready for business, occasionally that only lasts two minutes (but two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven)..."

About us
Business Time is a progression-focused tens only guild based on Moonrunner US (PvE, PST). We just celebrated our second birthday and we've done strictly tens for all of that time. We chose to raid exclusively tens because we enjoy the challenges of additional responsibility being on every member, and we like to know the people we raid with.

We are a group of adults (ages 21 to nearly 40) that don't have an infinite amount of time to devote to raiding, so when we raid - we aren't there to mess around. At the end of Wrath we finished out the expansion with Bane of the Fallen King after acquiring Frostbrood drakes back in June. We were in the top ten "strict" rated guilds in the US at that time! Although life circumstances impacted our raiding roster back in February, we've completed 7/13 heroic mode encounters and we'll be working on more right up until Firelands comes out. We love a good challenge and aim to complete all content.

We raid Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-9 PM PST.

We are a no-drama, low-turnover guild that has stayed strong for over two years now. We're looking for long-term members who will stick around and continue to make our guild a great place to be.

If you like what you've read here and are thinking of applying or you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask here in this thread. We'd love to hear from you soon, as we're looking to fill this spot in enough time to get ready for Firelands! You can also always roll an alt on Moonrunner to chat with us - look for Millya, Vosskah, Tobbis or Shaen, or ask any member of Business Time for an officer.

If you'd like to check us out some more, you can do so at:
Congratulations to everyone on Heroic Conclave of Wind this evening. Great work, all!
Shame I wasn't there for that!
Would have loved to see them bugger go down (Though I pretty much did already >.>)

Also, throwback pepsi is delicious
WTB Moonkin for hilarious Foghorn Leghorn-esque shenanigans.
06/21/2011 07:13 AMPosted by Paranon
WTB Moonkin for hilarious Foghorn Leghorn-esque shenanigans.

I say I sa-say fill out an app boy
*pokes head into thread*


*scurries away and hides in the corner*
Careful Fsob. We don't like eggs 'round here.
Hey Millya =) Thanks for posting in my LF thread.

I'm not entirely sold against the idea of a 10-man guild; it would probably be nice to be in a smaller group of people. Plus in a 10-man I can utilize my varied stable of pets more often, hehe. Do you currently have any active Hunters?

Oh, and as an MM Hunter I am addicted to the 10% physical haste buff. I wouldn't ordinarily care about such a thing but it has a make-or-break impact on my rotation. I know you said you don't have a DK currently; do you have a Shaman dropping Windfury, perhaps?

I'm headed to sleep now; I'll catch up with the thread in the morning!
Come join us for Firelands! I hear there will be fire.
Hey, look at that; Boozecannon is SV, hah. Two of my questions answered simply by seeing, with my eyes. I feel sheepish >.>
Hi Rius! Yes, the additions to hunter pets make them a pretty versatile addition to a group. We do have an active hunter, as it happens, but just the one. Our shaman usually drops the casting speed bonus. His off-spec is enhancement but he seldom uses it because he doesn't want to make the casters cry. So I suppose we're inadequate in that regard. If we could find the casting haste elsewhere then we could see about it - we'd need to find a moonkin or a shadowpriest. Somehow, miraculously, all the moonkins seem to be hiding. You wouldn't think they'd be able to. ;)
I haven't seen a Moonkin since coming back to Cataclysm, so I agree that they're all in hiding. Can't blame them; I have persecuted them with extreme vengeance ever since they stole the Ogre dance animation =)

SV Hunters have the 10% physical haste raid buff so any raid that has him and I will be quite sufficient! Plus, double Hunters; the bosses will just surrender their loot when we walk in. Their Hunter loot, that is; they can keep the icky caster stuff.

I just spent four minutes watching "Business Time" on Youtube; how on earth did I not know about these guys? I can see my productivity today... fading away...

Haha. I have persecuted them with extreme vengeance ever since I played one in ICC and I...wait, let's not talk about this, I don't want to offend the moonkin since they're already wary.

You're also a dwarf, so you're liable to get along pretty well! I'm not sure our tiny world can handle two dwarf hunters at one time. What is this madness...?!

Flight of the Conchords is some funny stuff and necessitates many related jokes. (Down to just our socks, although half the raid is Draenei and therefore eschews socks on a regular basis) I take no responsibility for the loss of productivity related to Business Time, please consult your doctor before embarking on this or any other raiding program, etc. /disclaimer
Hehe. Dwarves unite!

Another question or two; how largely populated is your server, in total and in Alliance vs Horde? I mostly ask because Detheroc's Alliance population is pitifully low which makes for interesting AH shopping. I notice that Moonrunner is PvE which is new to me but won't be unwelcome; I am a pretty horrible PvP'er on my Hunter, and I always have been. I'm leveling up a Prot Warrior and it's like night and day; he's in the low 70s and loves PvP.

It looks like you're raiding tonight; how would you like this to proceed? Business Time is easily the most inviting... invitation to app I've gotten in my Recruitment forum thread so far. I'm not a hundred percent sold on the 10-man option but it's growing on me =) I also like that you're looking for one person and you were interested enough in me to advertise, even though I'm not a Boomkin or Shadow Priest. It inflates my ego!

Can/should we take advantage of the fact that you'll have all your people together tonight? Let's assume for the moment that I'm interested in officially applying :grins:
Our server is medium population, with the bulk of that being Alliance. There's hardly any Horde on MR and hardly any Horde raiding. All the top guilds are Alliance, and actually we're a bit unique in that all the guilds (period) are ten man. It's not usually a problem finding things you need on the AH, including a healthy supply of BoEs (which we distribute in-guild and if not needed, sell) and other raiding supplies. Plus, usually our stable of altoholics has got any crafting needs covered.

You'll forgive me for saying, but you're a hunter...I'm not sure your ego needed the inflating! Haha. I couldn't resist. As far as the application process goes, you will need to decide to apply officially! Then, we have to talk about you a bit. If the guild as a whole is impressed enough to want to move to the interview stage, the earliest we could do that is tomorrow. Tonight, 2/4 officers aren't going to be at the raid. In all seriousness, give the tens thing some thought. We're all very pro-tens, and I'd hate for anyone to end up regretting their decision or being unhappy with the raid size. I personally feel like the intimacy and added responsibility make tens more than satisfying enough for me, but they may not be for everyone. :)
Sounds like almost the polar opposite of Detheroc, then. Here, most of the raid guilds are Horde and most of those are 25-man. Wholly odd!

The Hunter Ego is actually a hidden class trait. Flexing it is the true sign of a professional Hunter; symptoms include saying things like "I earned my Rhok'delar at level 60 in blues with no help whatsoever" and "yes, I just kited that elite across eight zones and killed everyone in Stormwind; what of it?" =)

If there's no need to rush to an interview tonight, then I'll take the day today to mull over the 10-man thing. I feel like I did myself a favor by skipping WotC where (I'm told) the 10 vs 25 situation was much more polarized.

I really like what I've seen and heard so far, though, so I think I'll be putting in an app tonight =) At some point I may make an alt on Moonrunner to drop in and say hi.
Business Socks :hums:
I wear my Business Socks when I go jogging at night.
I hath applied!

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