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Okay, so I'm fairly new to WoW and I've never tried to get one of these armor sets before. I'm very curious and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how these things work. I know that you have to defeat the bosses in order to get these sets but is there a certain percentage of drop for each item? Do all of the items come together in a set or do they drop seperately? I know I sound really lame but I'm just looking for answers. Thanks.
the selected bosses drop a token. winner of the token turns it in and gets the tier piece.

example: boss #3 drops shoulders token. you win the token, go to stormwind to the vendor, give it to him, he gives you the tier 12 shoulders.

do you know why tier items are sought-after as opposed to regular sidegrade non-tier items? tier items have bonuses for wearing more than 1 piece.
If tier 12 operates the same as the current tier, then you'll use Valor points to buy 3 of the 5 pieces (pants, chest, gloves). The shoulders and helm are purchased with tokens that drop off the bosses (the last 2).

To upgrade to the heroic version, you need to have the normal version already and then defeat bosses on heroic mode to get tokens to upgrade.
Okay, this made a lot more sense. Thank you very much but I just have two more questions. How do you get Valor points? And because I'm Horde, where do I turn in the tokens?
Valor points come from RDF Heroics and current tier Raids. You turn in points/tokens in Orgrimmar if you're Horde.
Valor points from running and completeing heroics though lfd, valor pts from Baradins hold bosses, valor points from heroic t11 bosses and valor points from t12 content.
Okay, thank you so much. This really helped a lot!

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