<The Dark Coven>Raiding Guild NZ 11/12

Dark Coven is looking for a new members to join us in azeroth in a new expansion the sundering has happened and the world of azeroth has changed forever.

We're currently looking for:
• Any New Zealand Based Players who are looking for a good home with any type of game style for them.

Applicants should be friendly and active players who know their class or are keen to learn about it. and enjoy playing WoW more than just about anything else. The basic ability to not stand in the fire is required. Emos and the emotionally immature need not apply.

If you wish to apply for a raid ,PvP or heroic achieve team then learn your class ask your clas leaders research the fights or mechanics required and put in a app for one of the teams.

Who We Are

Dark Coven is a New Zealnd guild that tries to provide a fun and related atmosphere while still maintaining the focus and discipline necessary to succeed at which ever content you are involved in. While we have members with mains and alts at all levels from 1-85, in all walks of the game, we are heavily slanted toward level 85 raiding.

Progression & Raid Schedule

Our 10-man raids are Wed/Thu/Fri from 6:30 -9:30pm. For a core raiding position, you'll need to maintain an average raid attendance of 85% or more.

Gear & Experience

While gear does not equal skill, your gear will tell us whether or not you take your character seriously in the area you specialise in. To show your dedication the effort you put in shows alot more then perhaps expeirience as skill can be taught dedication can not.

Personal Attributes

Dark Coven is recruiting players with a solid entusiam within their class and their are of play, who take responsibility for their own readiness and commit to personal excellence. We do not recruit on gear alone but factor the player's personality heavily in the recruitment process.

We're looking for players who:
• have fun playing the game, while still having a strong desire to progress and see end-game content
• think raiding/pvp is more about seeing content with their friends than getting "phat loots"
• have an irreverent sense of humor
• are looking for a guild for the long-term
• value the people who play the game over the game itself.

If you're interested in joining Dark Coven and would like more information, please whisper Angelluss, Purpleiris, Shadöwskiss in game.

To apply, simply Click the application link on the navigation pane and follow the steps. http://darkcoven.wowstead.com

Our raid nights are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 6.30pm Realm time (8.30pm NZ) The Dark Coven is also currently Guild Level 22.

What are we looking for?

Shaman, Priest *1 Healers, (For NZ Raid team must be 352* geared and BWD, BOT EXP)

<(*) refers to what is preferred.>


Still seeking a healer to join us in firelands, should be 12/12 by thursday :)
Anything besides Healers Angelluss ?
Hello Juggarnautt,

Thanks for your enquiry. Always seeking good new players healers are needed for core raid spot at this stage. In saying this however from time to time some raiders can't make it or they find they can't commit to active raid nights at which point if you happy to be a benched player might find yourself in a core spot.


Basic Information - Name, Class, Raid Spec, Age, Gender, Time Zone.
Unitedbyfate, Hunter, Survival, almost 20, Male, UTC+12.00 Auckland.

Please link any World of Logs or WowMeterOnline parses that you have.

What other guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?
Ninelives. Because the guild members were immature and unhelpful.

Why do you want to be a part of this guild?
Simply because it sounds chilled, and It's a New Zealand guild! :D
bump for the good guys.

25 man raids if we get enuff interested

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