Defunct Progression, Please Remove

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Legacy of the Sun figured out how to not die to Blackhorn, then tore some armor off Deathwing's back.

Moved up to 7/8 now.
Thread updated based on WoW Progress. If anything is wrong or missing let me know.
Ambition killed Blackhorn and Spine.
currently 7/8
Fired has downed Morchok and Kohcrom.
Updated based off of WoW Progress and posts in the thread.

Please correct any outdated or mistaken information.
With the help of our friend, Tinox, Indelis downed Blackthorn.


It's HORN.

Ok, fine! Indelis downed African-American HORN.
<Rift> is 6/7 H FL and has killed Rag on regular. Not sure why it's so outdated.
<Rift> is 6/7 H FL and has killed Rag on regular. Not sure why it's so outdated.

Because no one from your guild ever posted it, and I didn't start updating off of WoW Progress until this tier. Or if they did, it was missed, and no one bothered to correct it. It has happened before that I miss posts. I missed an update on Nephilim in two consecutive updates, but if you don't point them out, they don't get corrected.

As a general reminder to everyone, if you don't post it, it doesn't get recorded, unless I catch it on WoW Progress.
<Rift> 1/8 H DS!!!
Indelis did some spine of Deathwing.

No, that's not the name of a drug.
Legacy of the Sun has downed Madness of Deathwing.
Renaissance got Heroic Yor'sahj the Unsleeping.

I beat Eladr too.
SFDK's group is 7/8!
SnD has moved to Mal Ganis you don't have to keep us on the current ravenholdt progression charts
01/14/2012 09:15 PMPosted by Penuli
SFDK's group is 7/8!

Guild groups only (8/10, 20/25) or, if you're running a regular group with friends/other guilds, we can discuss your inclusion in-game.
Because some of the sites I use to help verify kills have been acting a bit wonky, I would appreciate it if guilds reporting heroic kills in the future could designate a specific person to armory in order to help verify the kill.

This is simply to ensure the most accurate reporting of progression possible.
Lukar you can remove us from the progression thread.

Madness here we come.
Ambition finally has an actual raid roster and was able to get Madness down.

'Bout damn time!
<Avalon> has defeated Heroic Yor'sahj the Unsleeping.

Edit: Feel free to armory my toon.

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