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Riskbreakers downed Heroic Zon'ozz and is now 4/8 H DS.
04/08/2012 06:26 PMPosted by Derzka
Heroic Madness is dead. Azeroth is saved.

So do we have to give you a lifetime supply of cheap wenches and easy beer? Wait....
Shock and Ore downed heroic Yor'sahj.
Lord Revos and his minions from Renaissance defeated Heroic Hagara.
Victoria Vel Nex has just downed Yorsahj heroic.
Indelis downed H. Ultraxion
Twilight Empire dun killed us a heroic Ultraxion.
Now if that Lazy Lukar would just get around to updating the thread....
Riskbreakers downed heroic Ragnaros tonight.
I swear I had updated the thread with those kills. I guess I forgot to save them or something.
Feels good man. Legacy of the Sun downed heroic Zon'ozz.
seemed like it took us forever.. but Elysium is finally 3/8 heroic.

Downed: Yor'sahj and Ultraxion on heroic
Riskbreakers downed Heroic Hagara tonight.
If you don't mind updating, Knight of Punishment has cleared DS 10 M fully.
Emergency Response Team is now 6/8 norm DS10
I'll get an update in this weekend. Was on a mini-forum vacation courtesy of Blizzard, so updates weren't possible.
Should be fully up to date now.
Lord Revos and his minions from Renaissance defeated Heroic Blackhorn.
Twilight Empire downed Heroic Yor'sahj. Lawl nerfs.
Indelis downed H. Zon'ozz.

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