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<Ambition> has officially downed H Chimaeron, as of Friday 06/24. :)
<Renaissance> Has downed Beth'tilac tonight!

<Renaissance> Has downed Beth'tilac tonight!



And for those that didn't notice, the thread has been updated with Firelands bosses. Tier 11 was moved down a post, and will still be updated should people post kills from it.
<Invictus Maneo> just defeated Shannox 10
<Shadows and Dust> has killed Lord Rhyolith 25
<Rift> has killed Nefarian 10 on 6/27/11. I don't think anyone ever posted it on here.
<Shadows and Dust> has killed Shannox 25.
<Rift> has killed Shannox 10
<Shadows and Dust> has killed Beth'tilac 25
<Renaissance> Has downed Lord Ryolith tonight on 10 man.

Legion of darkness has downed 10 man h halfus, and shannox
Lots of kills to update. Grats to everyone, and let me know if I missed anything.
Nephilim has downed Shannox and Rhyolith on 25 man.
<Shadows and Dust> has defeated Alysrazor.
<Shadows and Dust> has defeated Baleroc.
After two bug filled nights, <The Sentinels> got Beth'tilac down.
<Shadows and Dust> has defeated Majordomo Staghelm.

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