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Indelibles downed Shannox :)
Indelis killed some trash in the Firelands.
Invictus Maneo killed Bth'tilac and Lord Rhyolith tonight.
Nephilim has Beth'tilac and Baleroc down.
Unflushables has beth, shannox, rhoyolith and alsytrazor down 7/4/11
Sorry for the slower update. Everything should be up to date with kills that have been reported. I also did some research and grabbed a few guilds who hadn't reported anything yet.
Revival has downed Shannox making us 1/7.

For what it's worth now, we also killed Al'akir and Nefarian.
Legacy of the Sun finally got its act together and got Shannox down, then almost killed Beth'tilac.
Renaissance is now 4/7 after downing shannox and baelroc the gatekeeper tonight!

invictus maneo killed Alysrazor tonight
Nephilim killed Alysrazor tonight.
TE downs Cho,Gall!
<Ambition> has downed Rhyolith and is now 2/7 in Firelands!
<Ambition> downed Beth'tilac tonight, as well, making us 3/7! Woo~

Alysrazor is a blast. :D
Everything should be up to date.
'Cept our Shannox kill.
Invictus maneo kill Baleroc, the Gatekeeper and Fandrel Staghelm
Indelis killed some trash in Throne of the Four Winds.

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