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<Invictus Maneo> cleared Baleroc and Staghelm this evening.
Legacy of the Sun are definitely not ambi-turners, and have downed Lord Ryolith.
Everything should now be up to date. I'd remind everyone (Cayreth) to please be specific when stating your kills.
TE downs Nefarian!
Elysium (horde)
got BT = Beth'tilac down.
oooh, there IS a new thread. I'm not sure how I missed this. The Sentinels have Beth, Lord Rhy and Shannox down.
Elysium (horde) - SX = Shannox down
TE defeats Al'akir!
Renaissance got Alysrazor and Majordomo Staghelm.

Edit: lol I beat you Silentcircus.
Yubarl just wait unti we get ragnaros down I'm gonna have my browser open with a post ready just so I can beat you to it
Staghelm down unflushables 7/17 ;3
^^^Idiot is on wrong toon, but yes Unflushables down Staghelm 7/17. :D
:333 too lazy to click on ma OTHER SHAMAN
<Legacy of the Sun> had a productive night, downing Baleroc and Beth'tilac.
Ragnaros has fallen to the hands of <Shadows and Dust>.
LR = Lord Rhyolith down.
Updated. Grats to SnD first server first normal Firelands clear.
The Boisterous Few has downed:


(We downed Ascendant Council in a 7/10 group D:)

Forgetful guild leader is forgetful.
Wooooops. Nephilim got Staghelm down some days ago.

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