Silence [8/8H] 10M LF Mage

Silence is a level 25 raiding guild. We are a group of fun-loving people who share the goal of progressing in content. We hold our members to high standards in terms of preparation and dedication, but at the same time try to focus on the fact that ultimately we want to have fun, laugh, and succeed. We do not feel we have to give up one to excel in the other.

Currently we have room for three people for our raid group. We're looking for a quality Mage, and a Resto/Boomkin druid. Because of how often we rotate characters, it is imperative that you be relatively competent in both roles.

While one of these we feel would best fit our needs, we are always on the look out for high quality players of any class and can effectively rotate one or two players to fill other slots if we find the right player. Please contact Milkywood or myself (the i in my name is alt 0237) in game for more details. For server transfers you can contact me using friend ID my email is

Raid Times:
Sun-Tues 8-11 PM EST

Loot System:

/We're kind of a bunch of jerks. Deal with it.
Bump before I go night night.

Oh yeah, also, the memorial ceremony will be tomorrow for Zarrin. He died of Alcohol poisoning. lolnoob
Zarrin, you will be missed
I'm cooler, but maybe if someone joins I can teach them to be as cool as me.
Goodbye, Zarrín. We will always remember your raid leading, and how a raid night never ended without a swift /gkick. :P
Dear Zarrin,

We will miss you being mean to us and making us down stuff we cant do without you.
/gkick amorash
We will also miss your nice but awkward cankles.
/gkick ironmagex
In closing we will miss you very much.
/gkick snyde

P.S. Those kicks were for you buddy!
Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.


/gkick Amorash


See? Perfectly functional.
Buh-buh-buh-buh-bump it up!
Bumpinton Post
Bumpin' it.
07/19/2011 10:55 PMPosted by Danrather
Look they are progressing faster than without equal!


Anyways, bump.
Guess it hasn't been updated by our courageous leader, but Silence is currently 5/7.
Bumped one time for the homies in incarceration.
Bumped for recruitment update.
hi !
Bumped to update our needs.
Bumped to show off my funky stupid rhyolith headgear.

Seriously. WOAT.
This guild does not like feet.


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