Best enchants for BoA gear?

I bought the 85 enchants for the shoulders and helm and put them on my BoA gear stupidly thinking i would gain their stats with my level 1 alt, lol. Well I learend the hard way, that is, it doesn't work. Question is, what are the best stats to use on those items? I remember a libram enchant from blackrock? For the helmet long ago. All i found for (caster) was 22 int on 1h, 100 mana on chest, no shoulder enchant what so ever, and the libram enchant for the helmet. Is this correct? Or am i missing something? Thanks in advanced

(this is in reguards of doing bg's on a low level alt btw, got lvl 60 of every class escept for priest and warrior, so I guess it would attain to the bg forum, or not)
Anyone?? Bump...
Thank you Allahkazam, much appreciated.

And thanks pighoof

Just go here, there is a list for what enchants should be used in conjunction with each type of heirloom.

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