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I leveled mainly through instances. Healing, as a priest, through instances starting at lvl 15 - 75 is nothing more then your basic renew and heal. Maybe a flash healing when someone does something stupid but over all it's just renew and heal. Over and over with an AoE healing off and on just because one I was to bored to do 3 separate heals.

Easy soloing and easy instances do not provide new people the full scope of what is to come once they hit Cata grade instances. Do you plan on changing the layouts of older instances to better 'train' new people for the healing role they have picked?
Do you feel that the three-heal model you implemented at the start of Cataclysm is a success? Have you changed your expectations or goals in regards to the three-heal model after watching a tier of raiding? How do you feel about how the various specs are using or avoiding these three core heals?
Will Paladin Mastery ever be fully-fixed (e.g. work on all spells, stack, roll, etc.) and balanced around a fully-functional mechanic rather than band-aids every patch or is there any chance this Mastery will be replaced, like the Druid Mastery?
Are you happy with how the healer masteries have been received, and how they have been performing?
Tree of Life is an excellent cooldown for druids, however being on the GCD it can feel rather clunky, especially considering a time to use this cooldown is a time we have no global cooldowns to waste. Is taking Tree of Life off the GCD a possibility?
Is there going to be any further review of healing cooldowns?

Paladins have 5 healing cooldowns while Shamans have 1 (even if that 1 is really cool). Tranquility for Druids is very similar to Divine Hymn for Priests but Tranquility costs less mana, heals 3x as much, with 3/8 of the cooldown. Raid encounters seem to be designed around having the 25% damage reduction of PW:Barrier.
With Spirit being the primary-regeneration statistic for healers -- and Paladins already primarily desiring Spirit over many other classes who eschew it at higher-levels of gear -- why are there Plate-pieces with INT and no-Spirit on it, including 20% of the Paladin T12 set, when other healers do not have to make such choices?
Do you feel that you have sufficiently diluted healing niches, or is there still work to be done? I'm especially curious about Holy paladin raid healing in 10-man and 25-man.
Mana Tide Totem has long needed a feature that gave the shaman an added bonus to his\her regen while keeping it the same for other healers. Much like Innervate is now.

Most shaman rely on MTT, so the recent nerfs are pretty harsh even if they're compensated through Resurgence.

Is there a way to add a talent \ fix MTT to work like that?
Given the very strict positional requirements of both Light of Dawn and Holy Radiance, in addition to the AoE Heal caps (for which all blanket heals have), why is it necessary to retain the Diminishing Returns on the radius for Holy Radiance? Removing this would go a long way in improving Holy Paladin raid healing in 10 mans.
In rated BGs, many healer classes fall far behind the Holy Paladin, for buffs and utility(freedom alone is huge) and moreover the fact that Paladins are the hardest to kill and have the most emergency buttons in a PVP scenario.

Can you share any plans you might have to make other healers desirable in comparison in a rated BG?
Right now, Haste rating does more for HoT and DoT classes than just making them push more buttons. It directly makes HoTs and DoTs more powerful by adding extra damage to the HoT and DoT effects without having any effect on the duration.

This means that, for Resto Druids specifically, it's often more effective than Int in improving the power of their healing.
On top of that, Resto Druids, Holy Priests, and Resto Shaman have to deal with what have been termed "Haste breakpoints" in order to determine how much Haste rating is needed to get extra ticks out of certain spells.

Are the devs happy with Haste working like this, considering that the design goal of Haste is to make you push more buttons, and NOT to make spells/abilities more powerful?
Are holy priests going to get a 3 minute cooldown for raid healing along the lines of barrier, spirit link totem, or even tranquility?
Is there going to be some kind of buff to make Chain Heal more powerful or cost less mana so it is more desirable for 5-man and 10-man Dungeons/Raids? Esp since with the new 4-pc on our t12 gear...

I do not mind the healing model so much in Cata, closer to vanilla with more options. Could you please make a more obvious way to place responsibilty on the dps in a party. Instead of making them take damage from the stuff they stand in how about you just port them back to the last boss or the entrance. I say this because your mechanics to make dps up their game simply stress the healer when the dps cannot be carried.
What percentage of class developers play healers as their main character?
Mass Resurrection is fairly phenomenal, what are the chances that it could be made baseline for all players, regardless of guild membership/rank?
Although priests have respectable threat and damage reduction tools, classes such as hpallies, and rdruids are left with very little control, or none at all. Is threat control and survival an issue for these classes, and would adding control mechanics be something worth considering?
Chain Heal is extremely complicated and risky to use in 10 man raids due to it's unique "jump" mechanic and very long cast time. We've been told that allowing it to jump back to a person would make it "just the best heal to use, always.". While I don't agree with that gross oversimplification, it seems like the 25% riptide bonus especially with T12 set would contribute more to it being "the best heal, always". Why not allow the bounce back so that it's not such a pain to use in 10 man setting (unless stacked) and adjust the other aspects such as the mana cost, healing done, and the huge bonus from Riptide so that chain heal is balanced with the rest of our spellbook.
Are there plans to create some form of "smart healing" for spells such as Wild Growth and Circle of Healing so they're more inclined to heal people at lower health?

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