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The slated 4.2 paladin class changes seem some what misguided on the pvp end of the game.

Paladins struggle because of a lack of preemptive healing and mostly all hard casted spells allow us to be easily locked down by casters. The lack of lifebloom/rejuv, PW:S/PoM, or earth shield/riptide cause instant cast crowd control and silence effects to be far more devastating against paladin teams.

Is there any consideration to a holy power generated heal over time, holy power absorb, or buffs to glyph of long word?
Is there any plan to implement a system in the game besides meters to judge a healers performance? Something so we don't have to rely so much on addons/outside sources to check our healing and make sure we are pulling our weight. So many things already are not accounted for on meters (aka barrier/inspiration/ancestrial fortitude) while others are that skew the meters (aka tranquility) that make meters in general pretty unreliable on determining the worth/value of a player if your trying to help them improve and or determine if they are desirable to keep around.

many healers also have dps toons/specs and get it in their head that dps meters and healing meters work the same, which clearly they dont.
Blizzard seems to struggle with balancing when a class is strong in pve and weak in pvp or strong in pvp and weak in pve.

Resto shaman currently are a good example of this. In previous expansions blizzard would have nerfed greater healing wave for pvp and buffed chain heal/healing rain to compensate in pve.

However, blizzard's new design seems to leave the pvp community scratching their heads at some of the changes. Can the developers elaborate on what areas of a class they look to buff/nerf for different aspects of the game?
Mana regen for some classes is just passive regeneration with some added abilities that others provide, will there be more active ways for classes other than shaman to get mana back through talents like Telluric Currents?
Holy priests are the only healing spec lacking a major raid cooldown and this makes them some what unattractive compared to disc priests on progression content. Is there any chance for a talent in deep holy to increase the amount of healing done by divine hymm?
When players are avoiding stats like the plague (paladin mastery) despite it's reliability and throughput seeing multiple buffs, at what point should the mechanics of that stat be evaluated to see where the problem is at? In the case of paladin mastery, utilizing beacon for healing, especially with the change to holy light, means that the beacon target will never get mastery based shields. If holy light is supposed to be used significantly, then our only current role as tank healers is even further diminished.
Resto druids are currently extremely vulnerable to switches, especially with how much cc there is in pvp right now, are there any plans to create a soul swap like ability for their hots maybe with a decent cd to help them keep their teammates up.
Have you ever considered making spirit reduce mana cost of spells instead of being a flat mana regen stat?
aAs tank healing resto sham in current content i get alot of flack for other such as pallys saying that they can do it better since the don't rely on the long cast times as me and they have more cool downs for tank healing. Even with the addition of the spirit link tot reasto sham still don't have the CD's even tho there are others that help in other ways.

Is there any new ideas being tossed around for a more tank healing style CD?
Chain Heal and Healing Rains are both very effective in 25-man raiding, but they don't scale well into 10-man or 5-man groups, thus forcing Resto Shaman to rely on a much smaller selection of spells in their toolbox. What could be done to improve upon this problem
Any chance of looking at the problems with the Inner Focus bug? That is to say that it often locks up and is unusable (usually while pressing IF and then a spell quickly after or spamming a /cast IF /cast Greater Heal etc macro). It really is a massive issue for Disc PvE (and I'd assume for PvP also).

Why are Paladins (Shamans to a lesser extent with Water Shield) expected to burn more GCDs to regen mana via Judgement with Seal of Insight compared to other healers who get most of their mana from passive regen? This model hurts on progression fights compared to farm content which typically Paladins can afford to spare the GCDs and cast Judgement.
It's a fact of life that healers often bear the brunt of blame when things go wrong in group, whether that blame is justified or not. Does this reality concern Blizzard at all and, if so, what specific steps do the developers intend to address the issue.
With the reliance on raid cooldowns for encounters becoming more prominent, are their any plans to make Aura Mastery more user friendly? Currently the short duration and selective damage reduction (non-nature or physical) of the ability make using the ability very hit or miss with boss abilities being cast at varying times and for varying types of damage. This causes it's usefulness to be great on some fights, but weak to non-existent on other fights. Similar abilities of other classes ignore the damage type completely. Or potentially making it more worthwhile to cast it on devotion aura or retribution aura?
Might we see a reduction in the amount that Paladins are expected to judge instead of nerfs to mana efficiency? This seems like a silly mechanic to have to produce every 10 seconds and doesn't scale with mana pools since it is base mana. I'd much rather some of that regent be baked into lower spell costs or other methods of regeneration.
While I think the 3 heal model has somewhat worked in Cata (cheap / small heal seems to have fallen off a cliff in heroics), any thoughts on adding something similar for AoE heals so everyone is on an even playing field?
Can paladins ever expect to see a reliable castable AoE heal that isn't on a significantly long cooldown or dictated by a non-mana stat?

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