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What was the intention behind nerfing Healing Surge and are you satisfied with the outcome? (For Shaman unfamiliar with the spell, it's the one that takes 1.5 seconds to cast and heals about the same as our efficient only with 3 times the cost)
Mastery has been a really weird stat since it has been implemented. It is often either really good or really bad. Holy paladin's mastery seems to be particularly hard to balance at the moment and even with the improvements made to it in 4.2 it seems that the stat will still be far behind every other stat except critical strike rating.

What are the plans to make holy paladins' mastery attractive ? Redesign ? Yet more tuning ?
How many judgments-per-minute are your internal holy paladins balanced around?
As enhance, I find that my self healing is quite lack-luster, often when I am questing in TB (as an example) I will end up on quite low hp, and I will OOM healing myself - but I won't even heal for 50% of my total hp.
Is there going to be anything to improve non-combat, self healing for dps specs?
As a Disc priest, I find it clunky that I have to have an addon to track my rapture internal cooldown. Are you going to implement something into the UI so we can monitor rapture proc's efficiently without the use of an addon?
Do you feel that Beacon of Light is still a necessary and/or compelling game mechanic for Paladins, despite being difficult to balance, almost entirely passive, and having awkward/unintuitive guidelines for what does and does not transfer?

With a wealth of potential "flavor" options in expanding the Holy Power system, Beacon of Light feels outdated and is often cited as the reason Paladins "can't have nice things". Because of it, Paladins end up being overpowered in some scenarios (dual tank healing), and can't be given the tools to properly fill certain roles (raid healing).
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Cataclysm healing model and are you concerned that healers are scaling too well with gear?

By the time Deathwing comes out it is possible that we may return to a WoTLK healing model where healers mindlessly spam a couple of spells and mana is not a concern. Do you think this will happen and do you have a better solution than just nerfing mana regeneration spells?
Healers have to worry about staying in range of their party/raid members, even when the group is moving, and they can do so by watching their action bars and raid frames, but group-members have no way of knowing if they have moved out of the healer's healing range.

Are there any plans to make it easier to know when you are in range of your healer?
Healers are called upon to use CC depending on the make up of your group. Spells like Hex, Bind Elemental, Shackle Undead, Entangling Roots, and Hibernate can be very useful. The problem is that when these are cast by healers, with no hit gear, they break often and early. Is it possible to make CC not reliant upon hit?
Are you satisfied with the placement capabilities of Spirit Link Totem?

I know it was a recently implemented talent, and honestly when it works it really really works. Situations like Phase two of Cho'Gall and Chimaeron's feud make it extremely useful, but the placement and range makes it pretty much limited to those certain situations. I find it difficult to use efficiently when people aren't clumped up, and even then, it's hard to place perfectly, unlike most other aoe cooldowns (PW:Barrier is a good comparison).

I have a Disc Priest as well and I find it much easier to lay down the barrier with the tank in front of the boss and the melee behind, but not so much with Spirit Link Totem. It would be great to have the freedom to place this totem where we choose like other AOE abilities, and get the maximum usage out of the cooldown.

Totems in general are kind of limited with placement, but considering this is a Healing Q&A, I'd rather not delve into other specific ones. :P
What is your current opinion about Spirit Link Totem regarding its placement mechanics?

Spirit Link Totem is a wonderful cooldown but, being tied to a totem, SLT has more restrictions than other utility Cooldowns in regards of when and where to use it. Not only does it depend on our current position for its placement, but it also drops behind us due to being an Air totem, leading to awkard placement. This means that we can not use our raid cooldown with the same speed and ease as similar ones (PW:Barrier being the first that comes to mind) unless the fight guarantees a stacking phase.

Now that the Totem has been live for all these months, have you considered untying Spirit Link from the rather outdated totem mechanics and give it just a targeting reticule? This would allow us to use Spirit Link with more ease and in a wider selection of situations, instead of feeling as limitated as it can be sometimes.
Player health pools took a massive leap up in Cataclysm to make healing more triage-based, etc. This worked well, though healing and damage output (from both players and from bosses) seems to be scaling faster than player health pools and mitigation from gear. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Over the course of the expansion, healing will gradually feel more and more "wrathlike".

Does this mean we can expect a similar bump in player health pools for the next expansion, to make healing more triage-based yet again? Can we expect a level 90 player in greens to have half a million health or so? More importantly, is this a sane thing to do for the long-term health of the game?
I remember when it was posted about giving resto druids the new CD and as it turned out, our CD on Tranquility was reduced to 3 minutes, increasing our throughput over other classes rather than going the mitigation route that many druids were thinking towards at the time. Did you achieve what you were looking for with that decision, or are you looking at something different that may be implemented later?
What do you think about the overall healing output of Holy Priests, particularly regarding Divine Hymn and Holy Words?

Hymn seems to be exceptionally low output given the cooldown... it used to be (Back in ulduar) our 'Oh *(&@#" button for the raid... now it doesnt keep pace with POH spam, and really can be argued to only use to buff Tranq-- and then there's HW: Sanctuary which is still exceptionally mana cost prohibitive and heals for a very low amount. And HW:Serenity which is used not all that often--- it just seems output is lacking.
Dear Blizzard,
Do you have any intention to make it so a double-click on ToL form won't cancel the effect in its entirety?
I think the chakra system is broken. There is only one useful state to be in, and now that it has no duration it is a boring talent. If I ever wanted to switch states I could easily do it now because almost every spell I can cast will put me in the state I want to be in.

Wouldn't it be fun to just combine all the state bonuses, remove holy word serenity and give us holyform? lol!

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