[H] BlackedOut 1/6 HM LF TANK/DPS/HEALER

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We are a casual guild that raids Tuesday and Wednesday 9-12st. We enjoy playing the game and we also enjoy progressing. Our time slots don't allow for much leeway so we are looking for serious raiders who want to progress through Mists of Pandaria raids. If you are interested and can make all the raid times please PM Mysterion or Paradine in game, and head over to our site http://blackedout.enjin.com/ and apply on the forums.
We are currently 6/6 regular, 1/6 HM MSV and 3/6 Heart of Fear.
Currently Recruiting -
1 Mage
1 Boomkin
1 Non-paladin Tank
1 Healer - Druid/Paladin/Monk
Any exceptional candidates.
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06/19/2011 01:29 AMPosted by Shaqattack
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wtb Bleached Plate Gloves
Currently looking for a Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman for Firelands Progression. We are 1/7.
Bump for a healer and 2/7
bump for 6/7
Bump for new recruitment
Bump for rag kill

29 points
Still need a healer!
Bump for ugly helmet
Recruitment updated.
Paradine, Why am i thinking your helmet makes you look like the elephant man=)

He's hiding from it now!

2/7 still recruiting

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