Awesome Paladin Names!!!!

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I have a warrior. It's female. It's named Conorose. It was the only one with that name back in WOTLK....Then I deleted the toon and started over from scratch in Cata as a warrior. I am still the only 85 Conorose. I am one of 32 Conorose's, but there are 22 lvl 1 Conoroses. The 2nd highest is 25.

Your nickname becomes Con, or Conor, or Rose.
Helios was the Greek god of the sun and commonly referred as another name for the god of light Apollo so I think a holy pally having the god of lights name is legit
Thanks everyone for the different choices! This is Angeladin, but my rogue since I named changed the other one her profile wasn't showing up. You all had great names. I wound up going with my first idea of Luminesent cuz I just couldn't pass up the nickname of Lumi :P

Thanks again!
I was Originally "Paladina" got bored of "her" and the name so I changed it. Years ago. Getting kind of bored again. hmmm?................
Xibalba is the Mayan underworld. Although we are protectors of the light, why not strike a little fear into our enemies hearts? >: ]
When making alts (and just that) I tend to choose names that are kind of RP-ish. I take from Musical terms:


Stuff like that.

If it's just a alt that I don't care about, feel free to use the following:


Because I want to share my hatred for certain bosses, I like to use these:



Oh, but you should try to look for names like Hrist, Lenneth, Silmeria. Those are from Valkyrie Profile :3 The valkyries who are sent from Odin to collect souls. They use Holy magic.
<<< I love this name. I always use it for my mains on any game. Although, I am looking for a amazing Human Paladin name if anybody knows one? I want to make a Alliance character on my realm, but can not think of a realy good name. //:
i think it means "a person who says the wrong things in the wrong situations" or something
like telling a jewish holocaust survivor a jew joke or something like that

i just picked the name because apparently its korean and looks cool
'Spankalot' Nuf said
Cool names are like crappy top 40 bands. You only think they're cool because you don't know any better.
I presume you're sticking with a female toon ?

Are you looking for something serious or comical ? light or dramatic ? Any specific cultural areas to avoid ?

Are you looking for something totally original ?

Any particular spec or does it matter ?

What kind of impression do you want to give people ?

Cuzimpretty // Cuzimcute etc.

Walkssoftly // Carriesahammer



Enguarde // Onguard

Or you could have some fun and go redneck with it -


Lots of different options

Edit : Spiritiswilling might work for holy, Fleshisweak might work for a DK - dunno

Let us know what you come up with ?
Bravehearth and/or Bubblewindu are the best ones I've came across so far. :P
This character, back when he was a blood elf was named Promethean, which I thought was fitting given how the Blood Elves acquired their holy power.
Mine? :D

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