Awesome Paladin Names!!!!

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mine wins

for a dwarf...with a beard! :)
Yagami.....ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch Preach much?
I think my name suites a Paladin fairly well.
Mines awesomeeererererererrerererr!!!









You are also welcome to use/join any of my guilds there,

<When Harry met Pally>
<RobbStark needs a rez>

I may have some of these names reserved already, and I take no blame if you are focred to name change.
Valo : Light in finnish
rangaistus : retribution in finnish
parantaja : Heaker in finnish

Like Finnish :P
I've gotten a few laughs out of mine so far.
called mine --> tiriön
Gayadin. you can definitely shorten that name ...and its very feminine to. I once got knocked over by a pally called Fabulous and he really was. You could be Suepurb....feck im on a role here
I kinda want to make one named Tirionfivedring
I'm hoping they put out a title called "The Amazing" (perhaps linked with future darkmoon faire stuff? *nudges blizzard*) so I can finally be be "The Amazing Amazebeard"
I think mine suits the Tauren Paladin pretty well.
My Name. Or My Holy Paladin's Name: Akamahameha.
#Superman in WoW *Puts on those big goofy glasses*

Hello, I'm Clark Kash from the Stormwind Press, can I get a quote on that latest "balance" change Paladins recently received?
If you love NAMBLA, you can use mine as inspiration.
Well, what race are you planning to be? (Sorry if you already answered that, not going through 5 pages to find it)

The first time I saw a paladin absolutely destroy me and a buddy of mine was in Silithus (sp?) Pretty sure lvl 60 was the lvl cap.

His name was Warglory. I fell in love with that name and later made a Human paladin on Darkspear named Warglory. (still have the name reserved)

I later moved to Horde and couldn't get the name but I like to alter words or change them slightly. So I came up with Vahlkyr (which I like to presume is masculine - even though I'm a male Blood elf:P)

I got Vahlkyr from Valkyrie (valkyrie (from Old Norse valkyrja "chooser of the slain") is one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live.)

Being that there is no male Valkyrie I figured Vahlkyr could be the male counterpart. So yea. I like my name and my previous.

Vahlkyr for Blood Elf
Warglory for Human

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