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somebody please enlighten me. I chose alchemy and herbalism as my professions mainly because I thought it would help me make money on the Auction House but after closely watching the market for a past few days, it seems like Alchemy is all but useless when it comes to making gold. Selling raw mats seems to be just as if not more profitable than flasks/potions which they're used to make, not counting random procs. That makes 0 sense to me.

I've heard Truegold is a good money maker but I'm not really seeing it since volatiles water/air/earth is super expensive on AH and transmuting living elements shares the cooldown.

TL;DR How do I make money with Alchemy on AH? Give me some tips. What are some stable sources of income?

You need to watch prices closely. Establish a maximum price you will pay for any herb or material, and use those maximum prices when calculating what to craft. Sometimes you cant find some (or all) of the herbs you need below your prices. In these cases, when you have the raw mats, take advantage of the market and sell them.

Now for leveling the profession that kind of goes out the window. So many people powerlevel professions, and there is so little demand for non-level 85 goods that tons of people sell at a loss. And the demand is so low you just dont feel like relisting those level 52 potions for a month straight trying to get "proper" prices.

Accept you will probably lose some gold as you level. Gather extra herbs and sell them raw to gain extra income while you level. And think of the losses to level as an investment..alchemy is pretty cheap to level compared to the rest of the professions, and from simple daily transmutes alone at 85 the profession will pay itself off rather quickly. And thats when you can really focus on utilizing both herbalism AND alchemy to make gold...sometimes you sell raw mats, other times you make a killing making flasks, other times you are selling everything.

ie you go out gathering, notice cinderbloom is tanked as are volatile life, so you use those to craft, but heartblossom is in short supply on the AH and you have a chance at selling stacks for 75-90g per stack even though cinderbloom is only 23g and you want to use all of it to craft.

Once you get into crafting max level goods, ie you are no longer trying to gain skill points, only profits, you set your minimum sale prices and stick to them. If an elixir costs you 5g to craft and you want to sell it for 7, dont go below 7, period. Sell between 7 and 15+ and stick to your guns. Sometimes people will come in and flood the AH with a whole bunch below 3g. Why? Who knows. Do you have to undercut them? NO. As long as your prices aren't ridiculous, and theres an actual demand for your product, markets will always come back. So never go crafting at a loss just to get sales, the only time thats acceptable is when you are trying to gain skill points in a profession..and even then you do it while minimizing loss as much as possible.
I've made a ton of gold off of selling cataclysm herbs and transmuting Volatile Life into other Volatiles only because I'm an herbalist as well and have no initial gold investment. Sometimes I can make a great profit off Mythical Healing/Mana potions as opposed to selling the mats but that market seems to be slower and more volatile. I've had times where my potion auctions expire even though it appeared I was the cheapest on the AH when I looked.

Right now I'm making money by buying stacks of 200 Volatile Life for about 5g each and transmuting them into Volatile Air and selling them for about 20g each. I can only transmute about 15 a day so it takes about two weeks to sell them all but I can quadruple my investment.

Right now I'm focusing on leveling an alt so I'm just buying and transmuting for money. When I have time though I'll farm Uldum and Deepholm for hours and just rake in the gold between selling the herbs and transmuting Volatile Life and selling the new Volatiles.

Every server is different though and prices do fluctuate. I won't sell cata herbs less than 2g per. If the AH is lower than that I'll just make flasks/potions and either use them myself (saving me gold from buying them) or sell them on the AH. Either way, I have always been able to make money if I try with herbalism/alchemy.
I've made a ton of gold off of selling cataclysm herbs and transmuting Volatile Life into other Volatiles only because I'm an herbalist as well and have no initial gold investment. Sometimes I can make a great profit off Mythical Healing/Mana potions as opposed to selling the mats but that market seems to be slower and more volatile. I've had times where my potion auctions expire even though it appeared I was the cheapest on the AH when I looked.

I've noticed this same behavior with not only the Healing/Mana pots, but also the Potion of Treasure Finding. Some weeks I will make a killing (50% - 200% profit on investment) and other weeks they will just sit on the AH rotting.
That's interesting. It must be a timing thing. I haven't focuses on it enough to figure out the timing but usually when auctions don't go well I'll store them and come back a few weeks later.
Volcanic potions if the mats are reasonable. Ditto for Golembloods. Flasks, but they've been supplanted by cauldrons during guild runs. Otherwise transmute volatile life and arcanite bars. Used to make some coin on titanium transmutes, but not really worth it now.
1. Sell on raid days: Tuesdays, and weekends. (Pots are selling for crap, but I hit it lucky some times.)

2. Sell old-world mats: Most LK herbs are still selling well on my server at 20-40g a stack. Love those glyph makers... (Lichbloom, Icethorn, and Goldclover sell very well)

3. Sell new Cata mats: 50g for a stack of Stormvine? 20g or more for Cinderbloom just because nobody else wants to pick it? Why not? I don't use them for most of the flasks my guild uses, but those with inscription need the raw mats.

4. Sell your CDs. Truegold and volatiles.

There's 4 easy ideas that only take an hour of farming each to get 100-300g a day. And like Mâson said, check the AH. Look for items you want to sell, when they are sold, how much they sell for, and watch for cycles. They do happen.
Active scribes use an enormous amount of raw herbs. This jacks up their prices and makes Alchemy less profitable and Herbalism more profitable.

You're likely to make money off of transmutes, though. In addition to your daily one, check the prices of raw gems you can transmute. It's server-dependent, but there may be an opportunity there, especially on Ember Topaz.
I make a killing off of Herbalism/Alchemy. There's lots of options and with more options comes more gold. Don't limit yourself to just selling one thing or two things at a time: Not everyone's looking for one or two things all the time. Diversity is the key when it comes to making gold, remember this. Sometimes people want to buy a stack of 5 of an item, some people want to buy a stack of 20, etc. This is where you increase your chances of selling.

On a daily basis, this is what I usually end up making (On Gurubashi - Horde):

Volatile Life - 1200g (Stack of 200, wouldn't suggest this as there are quite a few uses for them that would net you more gold, but in case you have a surplus like I usually do from farming)
Potion of Treasure Finding - 65g per Potion, 290g per stack of 5, 1250 per stack of 20
Mythical Healing Potion - 15-20g per Potion, 70g per stack of 5, 275 per stack of 20
Mythical Mana Potion - 10g per Potion, 50g per stack of 5, 220g per stack of 20
Elixir of Mighty Speed - 75g per stack of 5, 275g per stack of 20
Truegold - 550g each (If you're Transmutation Mastery like I am, sometimes you make extras and earn extra profit. Extra Profit = Nice.)
Lichbloom (Raw Herb) - 100g per stack of 20
Icethorn (Raw Herb) - 75g per stack of 20

These are just SOME of the profits I get from Alchemy/Herbalism, and it's averaged out (sometimes you get lucky and there's a demand for something which allows you to raise the price if you're a greedy jerk :) Just sayin'.) For 100% Profit, farm the herbs yourself. Yeah, I know it sucks, but it's worth it in the end.
Nice commentary Fuzzballs. You're so right and the more time and effort you put in the more gold you can make but you don't have to put in lots of time and effor to make decent gold. All I do at this point is buy stacks of 200 Volatile Life of the AH for about 6g each and transmute them daily into whatever volatile is selling, usually for about 20g each. It's slow but steady and easy.

Some folks might find that tedious but I log in daily, fly to the appropriate zone, transmute, teleport back and put up the items on the AH. Done.
Check your realm's going prices on raw mats and consumables you can make on a regular basis.
Lately I've been able to buy the mats for volcanic potions for ~2g per potion, while the potions are selling for 8-10g each. Not too bad if you can move a few stacks on a raid night.

Also, with some of the volatiles going for 25-40g each (fire, earth, air primarily), the living elements transmute can be much more profitable than a truegold transmute when you can get volatile life for ~5-7g each.
Alot of old world herbs have a much better profit then cata herbs, not all but some. On my realm at least this is the case, no one farms for old world herbs, making them super expensive for anyone who needs them on the auction house.

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