<Voodoo Rednecks> Tank and Raid heals

Area 52
<Voodoo Rednecks> (25) is recruiting for our raid core. We're casual raiders so our progression won't blow records, but we have a great time and are mature and friendly. We raid Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm Server (E.S.T.).

Please contact Mythick (Guild Master) or Itteraz (Raid Leader) for specific information. You can also contact any guild member for a guild invite. Other officers who can answer questions are Uelvon, or Tandem.

Our raid leader, Itteraz, will be taking a break for school soon. If you have experience as a raid leader, we would be interested in talking to you.
If you're looking for a drama-free and fun guild...we're the folks for you!
1) We expect you to be logged on and ready for an invite around 7:45pm (server time)
2) Item Level of 350 or higher
3) Fully gemmed and enchanted (even if they are not the best have something)
4) We expect that no more than two (2) items are PvP items (Resilience doesn't help)

Other than that we are just people looking to have fun and get some downs so if you are interested please contact one of us so that we can get our guild going into 25m raids.

Also our guild is level 25 so we are able to summon, set out feasts/cauldrons, and if we have the misfortune of wiping we have mass res also.
<Voodoo Rednecks> is again recruiting. We're 12/12 and 3/7 in FL. Looking for a tank and raid healer (sham preferably). iLVL 360+ required. We raid Fri/Sat nights at 8pm server to 11pm EST.
voodoo rednecks is a horrible guild folks, i was one of their officers and they kicked me because i canceled an event, their leader cant lead worth crap and they don't appreciate their members at all.
That isn't why you were kicked, Corgrall. It was also, what, 6 months ago? Wow, holding grudges that long is a terrible thing for your mental health. Ninja'd anything else lately?

Whuzerg, I don't recall you PUG'n with us. We usually don't take PUGs unless it's an off day and we're missing lots of core folks, so it's very likely it was a bad run. My apologies.

We're not hard core raiders, so it takes us a while to clear content. We have real lives to attend to.
What all do you need and what time do you raid til, 8pm to what?
We have our tanks set now, so just a raid healer (preferably shaman).

We also take any mature, low drama, people looking to hang out and be social, or just level.
i miss you guys... :(

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