Question about multi-target raid fights

So I have a question about the multi-target raid fights such as V & T, Ascendant Council, Conclave, Heroic Magmaw to an extent. I've read from a lot of people that this is where affliction excels due to multi-dotting. In my experience, though, I can do much better on these fights as Destruction using BoH. The range is what kills me.

On V&T for instance, to be in range of both Valiona and Theralion I have to be standing in the middle of the room practically. That's a problem when you have to stack up for Blackout or when Valiona starts casting her Devouring Flames. It's not so bad when Theralion is on the ground as you mainly rotate around the center of the room anyway, but this past Friday I was able to do 23k DPS on this fight just using BoH intelligently.

Same for Ascendant Council in phase 2 when Arion likes to be a little *!*!! and randomly teleport around the room. I find it's easier to just throw BoH up on one and focus on the other one so I know I'm at least getting consistent damage on both targets without having to worry about my range.

And on Conclave you only get a chance to DoT up a target every minute or so so I find it easier to throw up BoH on Rohash when you leave the platform the first time and then throw it up on Nezir right before you switch back to Rohash. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I don't really see much of an advantage of using affliction over destruction for these fights. I find affliction performs much better on single target fights though so I use it there. Especially on Al'Akir and Chimaeron.

Yes its harder then BoH and there is not much you can do about it. Its a quality of life / skill cap issue. Affliction multidotting is harder then BoH but if you can pull it off even at 60-70% efficiency you will probably out DPS BoH. BoH is extremely easy to do, set and forget, impossible to mess up, but won't out perform a high skill multi-dotter.

Since both of them provide the multidotting capability, it really just comes down to preference.
Yeah, i like to take the opportunities to go destruction when i can. I also find it pretty useful during the Cho fight for interupting conversions (and my guild loves it too).
Affliction 2-target requires you to maintain SE on both targets, which is a bloody nightmare. If you don't BoH is going to win. Incidentally, you stil tab dot and maintain shadow n flame as destruction because dots do so much better DPET. Its not just BoH and forget to multidot properly.

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