<A> Requiem [Heroic 6/8]

Requiem is a progression raiding guild, rverything that we do, we do for the guild, not for individuals. We consider ourselves a family which creates a great environment to raid in. We are in no way a "hardcore" guild, but at the same time, we have a very low tolerance for stupidity and prefer to make the best out of the limited hours that we raid.

If your spec and class don't match what we are looking for, keep in mind that we are always looking for those with exceptional personalities and gaming ability.
- 5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
9:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. Realm time
For more information and to make an application please visit:
Currently Recruiting the Following:
DK: Blood
Warrior: Protection
Druid: Restoration
Priest: Holy or Disc
Hunter: Marksmen/Survival

In your application or conversation with an officer please state your past progression and kills. We are not looking for LFR experience. Be decently geared and prepared 385ilvl+ Full Enchants/Gems.

If your looking to talk in game send a tell to any officer:

If no one is available, ask some one in guild as the chances are some one may be on a alt that will be able to speak with you.
/bump, for the best people ever. Grats on nef guys! (and gals)
Beth'tilac and Rhyolith down 7/22.
Baleroc down 8/3
Wow grats guys!
Wow grats guys!

Thanks for Bump!

Recruitment is currently closed until further notice.
Alysrazor down 11/8
Damn you guys are on a roll! Grats on 6/7! Rag doesn't have a chance!
4/7 Down on Heroic:

  • Shannox

  • Lord Rhyolith

  • Baleroc

  • Majordomo Staghelm
If joe loves you, so do I.
Looking for a good non-pally tank and a hunter.

As the lady said above due to peoples ever changing lives we still are looking for a non pally tank and a ranged DPS for our main raid team. Preferably a hunter since we do not have one and I get tired of disenchanting all of the agility mail that seems to rain like candy in our raids. All ranged dps will be considered however.

We would also be open to a amazing healer. I am sure one of our current healers would be open to the idea of dps this tier, and by open I mean they are chomping at the bit to go ele or shadow.

Like Emmry said you can whisper Kevrob, Cabareth, Emmry, Vyndra, Theologist, or me. You can always do a /who requiem and whisper to see if a officer is on a alt.Apps can be placed anytime on the website. Experienced raiders only please!
I would consider tanking this but its to laggy at that time for me, especially now that they buffed blood dks.
Bump, Recruitment still looking for one more!

Still looking for 1-2 more 'I love to raid' dps. Would also be open to a great healer, I am sure one of our healers is chomping at the bit to dps again. Right now we only have one full time raider on the protector tier (shaman, war, hunter) and have no agil mail wearers and it drops all the time for us so a hunter would be a welcome addition.

Back in the days of vanilla I never thought I would see the words 'Looking for Hunter'...
Heroic Morchok down.

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